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Eliza Thorp

Eliza Thorp

Eliza Thorp is a Singer/Songwriter from the wilds of Northern Michigan. She grew up on Carol King, Van Morrison and lots of Simon and Garfunkel. She credits her Grandmother, Peg, for instilling a deep love for tickling the ivories. Her songs are often inspired by her daily adventures outside with the peanut-butter loving dog, Mia. If you listen closely you can sometimes hear the trails woven into her stories.

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Unravel These Days by Eliza Thorp

Benjamin Groff

Hi Eliza - I think this is really stunning.  Just added to our Weekly Chart playlist here https://open.spotify.com/playlist/10S981NoNhgn9tdUq9jNFE?si=-WEm-HVGRPeqgoukWzryow I'll also ask our Best of Indie Editor to include on our next Best of Indie roundup.  Great work and just started following you. : ) 

Chris Lovett

Hey Eliza, thanks so much for sharing this piece. I thought it was a really elegant and delicate track and a lovely introduction to you as an artist. I really enjoyed the vulnerability of it all and alongside those strings that came in around 1.30 just added that extra layer that gave it a little more depth. I can totally relate to the lyrics and sentiment, i'm sure it will resonate with a lot of people. 
In regards to some steer on self promotion, there are a few things you can do as an artist yourself but just make sure you dont get caught up doing more 'admin' that creating. You'll find your balance but it is important to not use all your energy doing marketing and promotional stuff.
First thing is understanding what your version of success is - what is your goal? Is it to be able to pay the bills as a touring musician? Write for others? Be rich and famous? When you understand that, your path can become a bit clearer and when you are struggling, you can always go back to your 'why' why are you doing this, what is your goal?
So the things I would recommend not to do - do not pay for likes or plays on soundcloud or similar platforms. We all see through them. They are empty numbers, they are superficial. 
I would however keep a little pot aside for things that come up because you may need to travel or play for free and a little saved can cover that for you.
Firstly get your tracks played on radio and featured on music blogs. The tunein app is a decent way to locate and research online stations, you can filter them down to genre and area so if you wanted, you could focus on stations in and around Michigan or further afield. Having your song played on the radio, what a buzz. Aim for this as a milestone. Once you have researched and found a couple of stations just look them up online and submit your track to them. Be proactive. I was on the radio for 5 years and i had loads of people send me music, the ones I liked the most and the ones with a story got played. 
Treat the music blogs in the same way, hit up submithub first as they have a catalogue of blogs where you can submit your track to a number of them at once, they will then come back to you with whether they want to feature it or not. Submithub have recently refreshed their site and it looks a lot more slicker than it did before so you have some good advice on there to follow. Do manage your expectations though, it may not happen on the first go around. If you use this platform alongside researching your own blogs that may not be on there, you have a really good shot at placing a track on one of them. Keep a note of who you have engaged with and make sure to connect with them on social media.
It sounds like you are doing a good job on the live scene, racking up the hours on the stage is ideal. I have booked so many artists that had all the numbers and all the hype but they were pretty poor live. Whereas some of my favourite artists i booked were smashing the live shows before they were making waves on streaming services. The more venues you play the more connections you will make, and I believe the more collaborating and commections you make, the more opportunities and doors will open. Remember, its all about gathering different experiences to perfect your craft so figure out a catchment area that you are willing to travel to (maybe save up a little bit) and research the venues in that area. See who is playing that is similar to you and just either speak to the venue directly, get in touch with the promoter or even the artist and offer to support. Be connected to others and you will open up your sound to a whole bunch of new ears who can then choose to follow you or not. Finding out other 'hot' artists and getting in and around them for live shows is also quite a good tactic. These artists need to be getting noticed by booking agents really otherwise they could be too far ahead on their journey. See which artists have just been signed by decent booking agents, try coda / paradigm for new signings, also research other agents - maybe even use linkedin to see which agents are connected to others, that way you get to see who is looking at who. Also submit your songs to them as well, why not!
Each agent will have a plan for their new signing, so keep a close eye on venues they play at, who they support, collaborations they have, who they write with and which producers they work with etc. You can start to copy or follow their plan and make one of your own. The more artists you connect with, the more idea you'll get of the people behind them that are helping. It could be a quality session player that plays live with them that actually is the key to connecting them with others. That was one of the cases with an artist I booked a few times, Kojey Radical (hes very good, look him up), I was friends with his keyboard player who was actually the one who was also working with another artist by the name of Jaz Karis (also look her up too!). Mike the keyboard player was a session player, he knows loads of people in the London hip hop / rnb scene and was just connecting people with others. Mike wanted Jaz to get some more live experience so he came to me and we put her on. Try and make lots of connections, there could be an opportunity where someone needs a really good keys player and your name should be on their mind / list. Who knows then what can happen! 
Keep your music platform socials up to date and utilise as many as you can as people consume music across many avenues, deezer, spotify, soundcloud, vimeo, bandcamp, lastfm loads. 
Basically your strategy should be, work on the live and connections / collaborations side whilst your stuff is playing on the radio and being featured on blogs, they should run concurrent. Get your planning right and see what other opportunities pop up! Exciting times.
Hope that helps a little, let me know how it all goes! Good luck. Chris

Andrea Young

This is the thing about music, you never know when you'll find that gem that just transports you and makes you want to hear more and takes you on the fan journey to know everything about the artist and hear all the music they've ever written.  That's what this track does for me!  Many recommendations for things you can do to help get your music heard, but better noted in a separate communication, too much to go into here, please send me an email at andrea@aspenbeat.com if you'd like to continue the conversation.  I love this track and the other tracks I'm listening to now on your Spotify profile.  Will add this and other tracks to playlists and shows.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!   

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