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Adam and Eve by Mike Costya

Philip Andrew Mayol

I love the groove of this song. Simple yet very catchy. It's an easy-to-listen-to-the-ear kind of song. This is good for road trips and feel-good music at night outdoors near a bonfire. 

The musicality overall is clean and very pleasing. The guitars are also amazing and soothing. Don't forget the vocalization of the singer that fits well with the instruments and rhythm. I love this kind of music very much. I would have this on my playlist on a road trip for sure.

The tune is also great, but I just have a little comment on the album cover which does not quite get to the title of the song. Overall, however, the song is fantastic. I love it.

Abdul Karim Siraji

Very Independent style and impressive arrangement. 
Really clean MIX Track. 

I was expecting a change in the Chords or the Drum pattern in the Chorus. Or some kinda addition of a Synth line. 
That could give a wholesome feel. Something similar to 2:03. 

It would be nice to bring in the Chorus without any Groove before the final chorus...

Benjamin Groff

Hey Mike - thanks for the submission.  I think this is an nice song, recording etc.  It's probably not a type of song / genre that I get into as I'm generally looking for more reactive indie pop / beat driven songs vs your song here which is more in the indie - ish singer/songwriter lane.   I like the guitar playing (both the left and right channels doing their own thing). Vocally, I have a hunch you could probably deliver a vocal 20% better.  Towards the end of the song I actually think it's stronger but maybe a more rounder tone or straightening up a few pitch areas.  Other than that I think it's a strong song and solid song but really just not the type of song / genre that I play in.  Hope that's helpful.   

Andrea Young

Not fond of the artwork, its a bit misleading as to the tone of the track for me (don't have the lyrics to understand further how the artwork might be connected to the track).  I really like the track, the smooth sound of the instrumentals combined with the irreverent tones of the vocals. It ends somewhat abruptly (I'd like a softer landing myself).  But the track is something of an earworm already for me, I'll add it to playlists and shows!  Would suggest including lyrics and socials when submitting, and also I notice your Spotify profile isn't filled out with photos, bio or socials, highly recommend that.  When someone like myself becomes a fan, there's a 'fan journey' of wanting to know and support the artist, and you haven't given me any access to any of that, so its a missed opportunity for me to connect further with your music and you as an artist.  Hope that's helpful, thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!

Bob Lugowe

Good, honest, enjoyable song with a lovely cover art to accompany the track. I would start by suggesting you add a bio, lyrics and links to hear more of your music + follow you on socials to your Fluence description. Consider this your elevator pitch as you're getting your music in front of the right people so you want to make it as easy as possible for them to find out more about you. That should be step 1 in any form of promotion, including how you promote to your fans. Always make it as easy as possible as there are 10s of thousands of other artists vying for that attention span. Besides that, I imagine this music is great in a live environment so make sure you're playing out live if that's your thing. Consider making a simple music video for added extra exposure and if you're serious about a career / more exposure consider hiring a publicist for your next release. Best of luck!

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