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Chase the Sun

Band of musicians creating original songs
Chase the Sun is an American Hard Rock/Metal band that hails from the musically fertile Northwest. Formed in 2018, the group’s line-up includes guitarist Zach Hatchett, vocalist Jason Hatchett, drummer Myles Milliman, and bassist James G. Pratt.

Original songs recorded at Amplified Wax Studio with Jimmy Hill, Mastered in late 2019. Creating enduring songs is what drives CTS, and currently the band is emerging with elements of British Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, and Progressive/Technical Metal leanings while modeling none of these directly. Taking these and various other influences as reference points, the band subsequently forges it's own unique voice, ignoring trends and refusing to mirror the past, or cater to the present musical climate.

Sonically, Zach seeks to establish warm, distinctive, yet crushing guitar tones as opposed to the buzz-saw grind found in much heavy music. Jason utilizes powerful, melodic, articulate vocals to evoke an emotional connection between the listener and the lyrics. Myles and James underpin the proceedings by keeping an ear on rhythmic musicality, while powering the low-end CTS engine like an uncompromising juggernaut.

The relationship between the band and the established music industry is currently ambivalent as they enter into the initial phase of the project. The upcoming album will be self-published through Chase the Soul publishing.
hard rock, heavy metal, progressive rock
Northwest U.S.A.

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CHASING THE SUN by Chase the Sun (US)

Michael Brandvold

Like the groove feel this has. I would suggest getting to the vocals sooner, it was over one minute before the vocals started. You should definitely focus on the prog rock genre.

Bob Lugowe

Well-written enjoyable song that displays a lot of technical talent and songwriting chops with great production and really strong musicianship, especially the drumming. This isn't something I would normally listen to but I can see fans of prog-metal, alternative metal and the bands you mentioned below being into this. There is a lot of info below and for starters, I would suggest cleaning up your band bio and pitch so it comes across as a bit less fragmented and more to the point. If you guys want to play worthwhile gigs, gain an audience, appear on top playlists and have a booking agent, those are all attainable but you'll likely need a team to help you do it. Metal and hard rock music is still very album focused and being signed to a label is probably your best bet if you're looking to make the aforementioned connections. Otherwise you should plan on hiring your own indie publicist and perhaps someone to help with graphic design, content and marketing to get your name out there though it can be challenging doing it on your own. I would suggest working with a pro graphic designer as the art for this looks a bit amateur, mainly the font used for the song title. In the meantime, try to get on shows with bigger bands in your space in your region and develop a local fanbase. Your social media looks like it's totally in its infancy so there is still a lot of work to be done to build that audience. Perhaps consider submitting your completed EP to some labels for consideration instead of just releasing it without a full strategy. I wouldn't recommend sending out press releases on Fluence as that is not necessarily the place for media coverage, more so for advice. If you want press, you would need to work with a publicist. Best of luck!

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