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Crawford Mack
Lurking in the shadows, pondering life and the chase of how and where his next song might spring from, Crawford Mack has tip-toed the globe, falling in and out of love with places and people, only to dive right back in again, gathering stories and experiences that he now shares on his debut album Bread and Circuses.

A serendipitous meeting with producer Jamie Evans led to an intense co-writing period and a three-week trip to Antwerp, Belgium to record these songs. The result is a retrospective, political, dark and beautifully uplifting album. Elements of Jazz, Alternative Folk, Rock and Pop echo throughout and linger in your ear for days.

Various moods sway the listener amidst the serenely crafted ‘A Love I Can’t Live Up To’, the loving quarrel of ‘Depends On Where You Stand’, the wise lament of ‘Skye’ and the darker, brooding ‘William’ and ‘Firing Squad’.

Crawford Mack’s vocals are executed with the maturity and conviction of a man facing up to his inner demons, wrestling them to the ground but all the while waving a white flag of surrender. It’s pure emotion that will move and beguile the listener.

Crawford cites Gabriel Kahane, Joni Mitchell, John Martyn, Sting, Elbow and Radiohead as influences.
jazz, indie rock, alternative, indie pop, indie, singer/songwriter, alternative rock, classical, indie folk, alternative folk, neo-classical, football, whisky

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Indie Band Guru

Interesting use of sounds to lay the background for the song. A good meaning behind the song makes it listenable multiple times and attention grabbing. 
We are in an interesting time right now. Sorry about your shows. Time to take it online. Live streams, etc. 
IndieBandGuru does to Artist Development Management that would help you get your music out there on social media and reach the right audience. Feel free to get in touch at if you want to chat more about it. 


Scott Cohen

Great lyrics.  We need more of this.

Benjamin Groff

Hey Crawford thanks for the submission. I think this is nice for sure but with a lot of submissions - the thing is - how do you stand out in amidst 30,000 songs being released per day?  One thing that I think could be enhanced is - especially as this is a rock song / in that lane or rock/folk is - the riff.  That's the essential backbone of this music and feel you could be doing something here to create a 2nd melody vs chord + chord if that makes sense.  I wrote a huge article on this here and think it might provide some value here to you.  Tx and hope you are staying well and safe.  

Alan Cross

I feel your pain about canceled gigs. This whole thing is batshit crazy.

I like this. The intro reminds me of Days of the New from the 90s. No notes on me from songwriting, performance or production. The trick is to cut through all the online noise--and it's only gotten worse with COVID-19 as everyone tries to get attention.

The good news is that more people are turning to online sources for something to do while self-isolating. A couple of things you should do.

(1) I know it's difficult now, but can you get something up on YouTube? Even a lyric video will help.

(2) Make sure you're answering EVERY SINGLE COMMENT on your Facebook page and every other social network platform you use. You want to turn early fans into evangelists. And remember, too, that the people on social media these days are seriously alone and lonely. Reach out.

(3) Do you have a website to go with your Facebook page? I'd seriously consider that. And buy a domain. It'll help when people search for you.

(4) Reach out to as many bloggers as you can with your publicist. Follow up after the initial email blast.

I'll send this out on my networks. That'll be good for about 100,000 people.

Crawford Mack submitted media.

Charlie Ashcroft

It’s a suitably atmospheric, autumnal acoustic folk record, with some distinctive vocals and a lovely set of string arrangements. 

Distribution-wise, The Orchard and Sentric are both good places to explore. From a social angle, I find companies like Burstimo are well-placed to advise on strategy and campaigns. With my radio hat on, it’d be worth contacting Jim Gellatly via his Amazing Radio show, to see if there’d be scope for some local radio support.

Scott Cohen

Great voice and track.  Start with a manager.  Don't just release music without a plan.  There are 40k new tracks released every day.  Putting out a new single without momentum means it will go unnoticed.  Build a fanbase that is eagerly awaiting your single.  And DON"T release an album.  One song at a time.

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