The Badgers

The Badgers

The Badgers

A Dark Narrative Music
If you lump together horror movies & dark atmospheres.
Until their first release in 2009, it took one year to climb the top of the Beatport Minimal Charts. They are touring as Live-act since then in Europe and Australia and follow principles like having each performance unique.

May you call them musical landscape painters. Foggy valleys are built through melancholic and romantic sounds, where fantasy creatures and monsters are shaped. But the most meaningful influence pulsates around the gothic theme and comes from the gloomy & sci-fi universe. The musical structures tough are largely grounded on the puristic loop culture of German minimal and techno mixed with industrial and mechanic sounding elements.

they worked with producers like Johannes Heil, Patrick Lindsey, Danton Eeprom, Miro Pajic and more. Mz Sunday Luv is the perfect voice for their Dark Flavors. They are frequently supported by acts like Richie Hawtin, Troy Pierce, Jennifer Cardini, Slam, Luciano etc.
Frankfurt, Hesse

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The Badgers submitted media.

The Wallace House by The Badgers

Priya Shah

I like the sounds here and definitely the acid sounds! At first the picture made me think this is a rock song but I am surprised to hear otherwise. However in the end I think the picture also fits with the track and adds a creative, horror touch to it. Love the spooky and dark production. 

Definitely nice sound and direction here. I would be willing to premiere it on Getting Deeper. Do let me know if you are interested!

Arielle J.

I fully sense the Halloween/horror movie vibes here. This is perfect for a dark, underground rave. Great textures that are introduced gradually as the track continues, I really like how this builds over the first few minutes. I like the break around the 4 minute mark and think it could arrive a bit earlier in the track to keep it fresh. Overall, really great job! Very polished. 

Brett Napoli

WOW! Absolutely loved it. Hands down the best submitted song I've ever heard here on Fluence. Tremendous job, perfect for this time of year. Loved the buildup, the accent sounds, the balance, the progressive increase in intensity, the low breaks and absolutely EVERYTHING about this track.

Fantastic job!!! We will be reposting this on our SoundCloud right away! Excellent job, truly loved the track. GREAT WORK!