Kyle Foti

Kyle Foti

Kyle Foti

I am a guy trying to help another guy be the guy.

Kidd Niro is young man at the age of 28... 
From Miami but relocated 7 years ago to the New York City Area. 
Soon after he relocated he had a daughter, and his main focus since has been to provide and be there for her.... 
Kidd Niro began rapping early on... He is the youngest of 11, so he grew up real quick and always wanted to do what his older brothers were doing. 
3 years ago Kidd Niro had a brother move up from Miami, Robertson 34, to help Kidd Niro take music more serious and try to develop an independent label. Which, bring us here today to start gathering feedback from professionals and keep pushing forward with the music. 

Future Label Name: CUK Records (Consider Us Kings)
hip-hop, rock, r&b, trap, psychedelic rock
New York City Area

Recent Submissions

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Too Fast by Kidd Niro

Black CaesarX

Very good lyrics and composition. I could definitely hear this being played in the clubs.

Bob Lugowe

I enjoyed everything about this song, the production and the flow. You definitely have talent so continue to release music and see what can stick. I would suggest including a short bio and lyrics plus links to your socials, website and streaming services to hear more music in the description of of your Fluence description. This is your elevator pitch and your chance to be heard by industry people so you should give them as much important info about the song and the artist in a concise manner.  Best of luck. 

Kyle Foti submitted media.

Lonely Nights by Kidd Niro


I dig the song.  Everything about it is clean. The only thing I would change is the fade-out at the end with the rain. I think you need to lower the rain sound. I would love to play it on our new hip hop station.