Mark Westin
Send Pete Townshend and Warren Zevon on a songwriting double date with George Carlin and Donald Fagen, and you've got Mark Westin.  

Mark has released three albums of original songs, received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Music for the feature documentary "The Everyday", composed and performed the musical score for award-winning independent film "Riversense", and contributed songs to the soundtrack of "Fast Lane Summer".  

Mark has performed and recorded across the U.S, in Canada and the United Kingdom. He's beloved by bikers and old ladies alike, and there's a small cult devoted to him on the Belgium-France border.

Mark also leads ReBurt, an 8 piece group performing fresh versions of classic Burt Bacharach/Hal David songs, and hosts SongSmith, a streaming video series featuring songwriters in conversation and performance.
songwriting, music performance
alternative, rock, folk, indie, singer/songwriter

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Get Behind Me by Mark Westin

Scott Cohen

I agree with your political sentiments 100%.  This is not the America that I want.  Let's hope you and other artists can get the word out.

Alan Cross

Good one. I'm surprised we haven't heard more songs like this given the state of the American federal government. 

This track has a Tom Petty vibe during some places in the vocals. Definitely a good thing. The female background vocals are a nice touch, too.

A couple of questions:

1. Are you planning to take this to radio? It doesn't quite fall into what's going on with rock these days, although that's not necessarily an issue if you find the right stations. You might want to consider an edit, though. At 5:10, some programmers will think this is too long.  

2. More on radio: Find a radio plugger to help get you past all the noise. Second, don't ignore campus radio and public radio.

3. How often do you play live? That's still the best way to get true word-of-mouth going. And there's nothing like a bunch of strangers telling you the truth about your music in real time. The more you play live, the better you'll get. 

4. Another option: Sync deals. See if you can get this in front of music supervisors. 

5. Make sure you're on ALL platforms, including YouTube. Is there money in the budget for a video? Even a lyric video is better than nothing. YouTube is still the biggest source of music discovery out there.

6. What's your social media strategy? Every artist needs one these days. 

7. And finally, make sure you're seeding this to as many music blogs as possible. They're all hoping to take credit for discovering The Next Big Thing.

Good luck!

Andrea Young

Starts out with a great southern rock guitar riff sound!  It's a bit long for today's short attention span, and I'm wondering if you've had it fully mixed and mastered, it sounds like it might need a bit more engineering to meld the vocals and backup vocals and instrumentation.  Cool track!  But if I may, I'd suggest tightening it down a whole bunch before releasing  -- oops I was just on Spot and see that you've released already! You can always release an edited version, that would be one idea to try to draw some further attention to it and resolve some of the issues I hear with getting it further heard.  Background vocals cool, love the idea, but they honestly sound a bit pitch-y to my ears (I'm just one set of ears though!).  I do like your gravelly vocals delivery.  Hope all of this is helpful in some way, thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!

Mike Mineo

Bluesy guitar tone provides an engaging, scorching feel to kick "Get Behind Me" off. Suave vocals emerging shortly after 30-second mark play well, especially during the "dream and a plan," bridge. Nice little guitar melody around 01:01 plays well, too, leading into the "Get behind me," suave hook. The female vocal backing at 01:20 provides a great touch. I'm enjoying how the production fits well within the genre, incorporating great additions -- like backing vocals and added guitar line in bridge, as well as more subdued vocals/guitars approaching 4-minute mark -- without doing so overbearingly. As such, this track stylistically stays true to blues-tinged and power-pop genres with added room for creativity, also touting a stellar, driving melody. Thanks for sending this gem. Since you noted wanting help promoting this, feel free to send me an email at mike@obscuresound.com if interested in hearing about my PR servicing's rates and success stories. Thanks again for submitting! -Mike

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