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olivia witherspoon

olivia witherspoon

Peace, Love, Light and Darkness. I Am OliviaSade. I am an artist from Charleston, SC. My album is entitled INvolving. I'm a infinite being, who is constantly involving. As you listen to my frequencies, may it raises your vibrations as it did for me.

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9 Ether by OliviaSade

Bob Lugowe

Dig the beat, the message and the song overall. The video works well with the song too, nice work! I'd suggest including links to hear more music / where to find them on social media with your Fluence submission. Make sure you're putting your music on soundcloud and all streaming services and consider hiring a publicist if you're trying to take your visibility to the next level. Keep dropping music and visuals and collaborate with other artists to keep your name out there. Best of luck!


I like the song I like the video.  It is nice to see a positive black female rapper. 

Indie Band Guru

Video is eye-catching and entertaining. 
In my opinion the beat of the song is a little too simple and repetitive and needs some punch. 
The message of the song is great and I think that does shine through

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