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By Then by The Grand Patterns Demos

Chris Heintz

Thank you for reaching out and submitting first and foremost. 

Starting out the mix on the track sounds like it needs a lot of work, but then it doesn't?. You have a ton of elements playing at the same time so each one should be sitting within it’s own place in the mix so that each can be heard in their own light. I think the overall idea of a kind of dirty mix works with the production/vibe, but it could still be cleaned up to again be shown in it’s best light. You have a cool idea here overall with how things transition from one vibe to another, but the execution has to be almost flawless because of your kind of chaotic style. I’m really intrigued overall because your music makes sense, but it doesn’t at the same time. It’s almost genius to me in a way, but then amateur at the same time. I have to admit I’ve never heard anything like it before and that’s my favorite part. I feel like you have almost score music here with some vocal elements added in. I think a live show for you would be amazing with a live band and some other artsy elements mixed in. This is not my world at all, however, but that's my thoughts. TV/Film licensing would be a good fit for you also. My particular resource in that area would not work for you niche, but I'm sure you can find someone that would need your style/sound. 

Scott Cohen

Thank you for taking me on a 6 minute journey.  It was beautiful, quirky, catchy, and unexpected.  I loved it.  I have no idea where to go next.  Just keep making interesting music.  Don't fit in.

Benjamin Groff

Hey Grand Patterson - thanks for the submission - overall - I like it, nice vibes and diverse and artistic.  I work with Ariel Pink and reminds me of his aesthetic as well.  I'll ask our indie editor to add you to the best of indie for one of our weeks coming up, assuming this is out / released.  Nice work!