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GOT BASS? by Khoda Leon

Brett Napoli

Really kicked into gear about 1 minute into the track. I felt the very beginning got it off to a slow start but it came into its own at 40 seconds and beyond. Production is tight and I appreciated the transitions, the variations in intensity and the buildup. The only thing is that it feels to missing something unique or bold where you take a risk. Much of the sound seems I've heard it before. With a bit more unique and specialized effort into something that stands out, I feel like the song is good but it blends in.

Nick Kardan submitted media.

Got Bass? by Khoda Leon

Eric Oehler

The intro is good, nice ear worm with the phasey effects.

The biggest issue is that the titular bass is overwhelming things.  It’s got too much sub and it’s sucking the pulse out of the kick drum.  A little surgical EQ ir some clever sidechaining would likely fix that.

The downsampled middle bit is a nice way to approach the breakdown.  That sort of thing adds interest.  I think the repeated vocal sample could benefit from additional effects and effects automation over the course of the song to keep it from getting too repetitive.

The use of reverb and delay is pretty spare, which is I realize fairly standard for the genre, but I think a few sounds here or there could benefit from some additional spatial effects - maybe not always, but just automate a reverb or delay swell once in a while - just to give the mix a lightly more roomy feel and continue to grab a listener’s ears.  With stuff this reliant on a few repeated hooks and a straight beat, it’s pretty paramount to throw in subtly variations to keep it from sounding “loopy.”

Nonetheless, if this came on in a club, I’d dance to it!

Nick Kardan submitted media.

Daddy by Khoda Leon

Benjamin Groff

Hey Khoda ... thanks for the submission.  I think the song is overall really strong.  On one hand, it's totally suitable for the genre i think...on the other hand, being immersed in electronic music for the last 20 years (I signed Tiesto back in the day to SOPHIE), I'm always looking for the next level of electronic music.  And again, I think this is strong, but does it move the needle for me to say "I need to sign this record right now."  I'm not sure.  I just have a feeling there's another level up on the sonics, the direction or a fresh new angle that says "this is 2021."  

But overall, solid record for sure...just not sure it's ticking the boxes for me 100% in what I'm looking for on the electronic music side at the moment.  

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