Dex Experience is an American singer/songwriter based in New York City. Born in Trinidad and Tobago, he was raised in the Big Apple where he discovered the truth of his voice at a very young age. He recently surprised the music industry with his first hit single, “Internash”, debuting on Billboard Music’s Top-50 Dance Club single chart late last year.

Dex is a pop artist, but also identifies in the EDM category and considers his artistry to be a mix of both. His strongest influences derive from emotionally charged storytellers such as John Legend, Sam Smith, Lady Gaga, George Michael, and Ed Sheeran, along with his own personal life stories. From being once considered an outcast, Dex is now following his soul’s intentions and living his destiny.

His music echoes sui generis baritone vocals and anthemic themes, ranging from indie to pop-ballads and uptempo tropical house, ultimately aiming to inspire and empower awakened humans like himself to never give up dreaming and live life as it was intended to be, free and without fear. 

Recently he launched “Behind The Magic”, a documentary short story which shows how he discovered his calling and recalls the journey to finding his truth. And now he’s uber excited about his soon-to-be-released, “Don’t Underestimate Me” -  the draw-dropping second single from his forthcoming EP. 

The power ballad makes a bold statement about truth and transformation and features Dawn Tallman, the chart-topping artist who’s often acclaimed as The Queen of Gospel Energy, due to her inspiring and soulful performances.

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Andrea Young

COOL video, even if a bit dark for my style and taste, especially to start, very bold.  This is a gospel-style-driven track for me, both with the baritone vocals and the choir background vocals.  Very inspirational, so very well done.  Not sure I totally resonate with 'don't you underestimate me', it doesn't personally quite have that 'constant repeat' phrasing for me.  But I feel the power and emotion behind this track every step of the way!!  Will include it at the end of a playlist/show at some point shortly here.  Hope that's helpful, thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!

Tim Medcraft

Hey Dex,
First up please send my love to Dawn!  I signed her 10-15 years ago for publishing, wonderful person and an amazing voice (he says stating something you already know!)
Interesting to see Eric Kupper producing too.
Track wise, I think this version should be pushed to sync agents for use on TV, Film, etc.  You may need to do an even more stripped back version for use with picture, so bare that in mind.
My only issue with the track is about where it fits in with the dreaded "market" and which of the streaming services gets behind it.
You may need to do some remixes with the up and coming "kids" to give it a bigger chance to get into these playlists (yes I know, it's a pain).  
And also look at a more dancefloor friendly remix too
I don't want to be "that guy" but we all have to keep an eye on making sure tracks are available in formats that will be used.
Other than that I can't criticise the track's arrangement as it has everything where it is supposed to be.
It'll be interesting to hear the forthcoming EP too.
Good luck and definitely push the sync angles.

Scott Cohen

Awesome track and incredible video.  Wow!  This is so epic!!!