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Julie Harris

Julie Harris

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Los Angeles, CA

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Endless Road by Velvet Corgi

Lauren Gribble


Thanks for submitting "Endless Road." I loved the loved the beat and how the guitars really made the song. Everything about the track worked well and had a great flow. There's nothing to improve on. Please feel free to send more new music. 

Chris Lovett

Thanks for sending through guys, I like this a lot. It has a gritty feel that can shake you to the core. The riffs are cool, lyrics are decent and easy for people to sign along to. They have that ability to get stuck in someones mind which is great, memorable. The guitar fuzz steals the show for me, the fact it jumps straight in fills you full of energy. Riffs are super cool. I missed the part of the first chorus that includes Endless road, white line reverie, it appears in the rest but not in the first, is that done on purpose? Bridge and bassline is really sweet, it gives you a very small repreave before going into a facemelting solo. Its a neck breaker, face-melter of a rock song. What might have added a little depth is a backing vocal or a harmony in the chorus, it may already there but not that prominent i've listened a few times to try and catch it. Overall its really good, its rough, tough and agressive, ideal for a road trip crusing with the windows down. It will sound good live playing it in front of people - some good opportunities for them to join in as well during the breakdown bridge, get that going a few times around and the people can repeat back to you the chorus. Good work guys, look forward to hearing more of your stuff. Chris

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