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Hayden Eager

Hayden Eager

Hayden Hollings is from Georgia and based in upstate NY. She co-founded a spacey, psychedelic/afrobeat rock band, Beat the Grid, in college and has sung on a variety of rock, reggae, & hip-hop projects. "Necromancing" is her debut solo album, a rock dream with soaring layered vocals, shimmery synths, and storytelling instrumentals; a meditation on patterns, pain, passion, and a haunting call to the spirits surrounding. It features prominent players from around NY, including several members of afrobeat powerhouse Big Mean Sound Machine.

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Ether by Hollings

Chris Lovett

Thanks Hayden for sharing this track and video, hope you are doing well. Firstly i would say thanks again for giving us a glimpse into your travels of Ecuador, it looks like you had some amazing experiences, i know how travel can elevate the mind and i share your passion for that.
In regards to the visuals, yes they are personal but they also work intricately with the audio. Granted some of it is shot on different devices or in different modes (landscape etc) but the overall idea is decent. The added effects put another layer on it. Granted, its not the best quality footage and its personal to you but i can get that it means a great deal and alongside the music. Some great shots in there though and i am a little envious of your journey!
The track however, i am really feeling. Listening to it without the visuals feels better for me, the drifting synths and vocals weave excellently together and create a sense of calm as well as unease, a little bit trippy which i dig massively. The keys and chorus are just magical - on my fourth go round listening now and it feels as though it flows thorough me. The lyrics are really good as well, the opening lines get me - toes hang over the edge look down at the clouds not over your head - class. 
Promotional wise, i would firstly get clear on what success means to you. What are you looking to achieve? If you know that, you get more clarity on your musical journey. From your bio on soundcloud, it appears you are already quite ingrained in the community so connections and contacts for you are already in a good place. Thats a key thing for me, opening up your network and being open to working with others really gives you more doors to push which is great. As a next avenue to explore, maybe tap up some producers here in the UK, some of our favouritres we've worked with before include Danny George, Tusks (definitely fits this sound, you'll like her), Intalekt, Simon Jefferis, Blue Lab Beats, Amethysts and Rose Gray. As you probably know, their listeners will see you writing / working with them and then go to look you up - increasing your listener base and if they like what you offer, you then have a new fan. 
Another avenue is to work with people just on the start of their journey but already picked up by a booking agent, Coda have a recent signings list on their website, these are all artists that are probably quite still open to experimenting so get in with them before they get on to the next level. Coda will then start to sort live events for them as they release more music, if you're on it who knows what opportunities may come about.
Things you can do yourself that do take a little bit of admin time are blogs and radio - highlight 10-15 blogs you like and submit your track to them - be proactive. HillyDilly, Gold Flake Paint, Pigeons and Planes, EarMilk etc. This track in particular has a lot going on from a spacey chillout vibe and if you give people some snippets they can write about, they will find it easier to publish and feature. Tunein app also for discovering online stations that play this kind of music, research 10-15 stations and find out their submission process, radio DJs love new music and if they are feeling it they will support you.
Anyway theres a few things that can help, i dont want to bombard you as doing these things alone may take some time and energy and creating music is clearly the passion here so i dont want to detract from that. Thanks so much for sending through, happy to share and will be following you on spotify! Chris

Jen Dan

Laid-back and engaging song that still has an emotive pull. Love the rich, yet still airy-feeling vocals. Nice dreamy flow and I dig the eye-catching video that opens up the view to a different part of the world (Ecuador).  Well done!