Riley Moore

Riley Moore

Riley Moore

I'm an amateur songwriter and bedroom producer.
New York, NY

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Not Too Late by Riley Moore

Benjamin Groff

Hey Riley...loving these lyrics.  Opening line really caught me and all the other lyrics are so sharp.  I started following you on Spotify.  We can add this to our Weekly Chart but I don't see it's out quite yet?  Feel free to contact me through when it's out and we'll see if we can help or maybe a blog post / best of indie.  

Chris Heintz

Thanks for reaching out and submitting Riley. 

Starting out the mix sounds solid. Good space between all of your elements/instruments frequency wise and your vocal is sitting in a nice place within the mix. The beat/track itself has a solid melody, but I do wish that some side chain was added in the chorus to give it that power and push. Lyrically a nice story was told, but I feel like the delivery could have been better. The performance felt and sounded a bit robotic. I would have liked to hear some more peaks and valleys within the composition overall. I do like that you added some energy to the 2nd chorus though. Tons of potential here you just need to keep writing and recording and don't be afraid to have some more natural/organic moments within your writing/vocal. 

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