Mathieu Morrison

Mathieu Morrison

Mathieu Morrison

Guitarist/vocalist 18 years of experience.
I am an introverted, schizophrenic musician. I have had a difficult life struggling with mental illness. It has often been one bad thing after another. I have no career in life because I dropped out of high-school when I was 16 due to paranoia. Besides music, these are the things I'm good at: 
- Dishwashing
- Renovating
- Art (Painting and drawing)
- Writing Lyrics
- Working out (Musculation/Cardio/Shadow-Boxing)
- Researching

Also, I like coffee, I smoke, and I have a bad taste in food.
Bathurst, NB, Canada.

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Jerry Doby

Not bad for a one-taker! Love the concept and yes vocals needed to be boosted as drummer was smashing!!! Bass player might have kept drummer more on point as in his runs he kinda got a bit off but overall the punctuation was good. I enjoyed the changes and intervals very much and I'll bet with a good mix and boosted vocals this song jams.

Bob Lugowe

This is cool though you still have a long way to go before the song is finished so I would suggest waiting until you have material properly mixed and mastered before pitching them to people who are usually only going to check out your band once. You're going in the right direction but keep at it and finish the song and your vision before sending it off to people is my best advice. 

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