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Ian Reay

Comfort Giving Devices is a new, evolving 'Rubik's Cube' collaboration of musicians, producers and songwriters. The CGD music is rooted in electronic dance, but expect the unexpected!
Northern England

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Comfort Giving Devices by Romance And Beauty And Vices

Chris Lovett

Who doesnt love some house with an 80s vibe? The dream team combo. The thing that i always struggle with in regards to house music is that for considerable periods, it doesnt go anywhere. I'm not massively into house but i have dabbled in the past. Luckily for this track there is enough going on for me to keep me entertained and into the track. I absolutely love the duran duran style riff that drops in and out. The back drop of those synths are cool as well, not quite euphoric but uplifting and takes you on a journey. Overall i enjoyed the track and i'd definitely shake a leg to it.
Promotional wise i guess first thing is first, i couldnt find much footprint of you online. If you want to get your art to reach more people, you'll need to be available and engaged in the various communities. We are all looking for new music so you need to be in the mix so we can find you. The core social media platforms are all used by slightly different sets of people, so you'd be best to get on there and add a profile that suits your brand. Engage on those platforms with others and others will engage with you - and then share. This does take energy and effort so if there are a few of you, maybe split the jobs out? 
Blogs and online radio stations are also good places to get your music shared, submithub and tunein are good places to search in bulk for blogs and stations that fit your sound. You can then submit your track on there and it could get picked up by them, but again i'd advise have a reasonably strong bio to go with it, people who write on blogs need something to write about and if they cant find anything about you, they'll be stuck for content. 
Its all good trial and error here, hype machine is another one to get on but over time you will find which platforms are more receptive and where you get most love from. 
If there are a few of you, its also good to get clarity on where you want this project to go. What does success mean to you and what do you want to achieve? If you are just doing it for the love, spend more time creating as thats where the real joy is. If you are looking to see where it goes, you'll need to do some proactive work around the blogs and radio plus the community / collaborating side, or networking for business folk. The more you proactively engage with other artists in your community, the more doors will open up. Likeminded artists will share your work if you share theirs. 
Seek out some curators, some independent record labels, see who they follow and who follows them. Build your network up and push push push. Who are the DJs on stations in your area that you can get in contact with? London based online stations such as Represent might be worth reaching out to.
Hopefully some of that will help get you going, let me know how you get on. All the best Chris

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