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Arman Asadsangabi

Arman Asadsangabi

BADNATURE is a new artists alias created by Songwriter Arman Asadsangabi in January of 2019. Growing up in Nashville, TN Arman was always apart of the growing rock scene and an active music maker of the genre. Previously in a group called Oddnote, he made a strong impact on the rock scene as a new band in and out of Nashville. With his first single “4u” coming out on February 14th, he plans to define a new soundscape in the Pop and Alternative music scene. Merging all genres from Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, to even Trap Metal; he makes it known and apparent that he is proudly diverse in all musical aspects. Although a new artist, BADNATURE has sound that makes his music stand out from the rest and make it possible for people from a wide variety of demographics to be able to relate to.  BADNATURE is a family for all, nothing more… nothing less.

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Scott Cohen

Super cool.  Don't change a thing.  Just work on identifying an audience and of course try for some playlists.


 I really dig this song.  It is fun to listen to.  I would love to play it on the station. 

Benjamin Groff

Hey BadNature...thanks for the submission. I generally think it's really good but - everything here.  The song, production, the vocals, recording etc.  But that's also for me - kinda part of the problem.  There's sooooo much really good things out there...and now upwards (not an exaggeration 100,000 releases per week!) ... how are you going to stick out of the pack.  So being very good is a double edged sword.  It's good but it's also where a lot of people, in my opinion also get kinda stuck.  The question I ask all my artists and writers is how you can be UNDENIABLE and make the biggest statement you can.  I have one recommendation which is required reading for all my writers and artists - which is 'Purple Cow' by Seth Godin.  Really think that might be a game changer.  But yeah...really do really like this and it has a good vibe for sure ... it's just that i have about 30 other songs I'm writing about on the blog this week that are just a little more interesting.  Hope that might be a little helpful.

SD Hox

Nice effort here. I like the cross-genre approach and I'm excited to hear more from this emerging artist! Thanks for sharing.

Hugh McIntyre

I'm into it! I didn't think this really stood out too much from other similar tracks, but I did still enjoy the listen. Would love to amp up the energy just a little bit...

Jerry Doby

This had an amazing arrangement with solid sonics. Great use of timbre and intonation with just the right intervals.

Alan Cross

No notes from me on songwriting, performance or production. But I do have some questions:

1.  What are your career goals? Radio play? Recording? Licensing and syncs? Income from a publishing deal? Soundtracks? All these paths need to be investigated. That being said, there's no way this shouldn't be considered for radio airplay with the proper marketing and promotion.

2. Your social media strategy will be key. Make sure that you reply to every comment that may come in. Turn early fans into evangelists, especially the ones who contributed to this video. Get them to spread the word.  Given the topicality of this song, you should also be able to get pickup beyond the usual music blogs, too.

3. If you don't already, get someone to handle getting your material on streaming music services, especially someone who knows how to get your songs on the best and music influential new music/new discovery playlists. They're becoming increasingly important. Ask Drake what it's like to benefit from clever playlist placement. 

4. If radio airplay is important to you, get a radio plugger. They know how to get to the right music directors. Work with both campus stations and public radio. 

5. Make friends with as many bloggers as possible. Even the smallest want to think that they can discover The Next Big Thing. Every little bit of coverage helps.

6. Wanna know if your material is great? (1) Are your friends and family raving about your stuff? (2) Are people actively seeking you out? If the answer to both those questions is "yes." You may have something on your hands. If not, then maybe what you're offering just isn't good enough to cut through all the noise. Remember that no one has a RIGHT to have their music heard. Your music has to demand people's attention on its own.

7. How often do you play live? Nothing is better than having a group of strangers giving you real feedback in real time. I expect that you know that.

8. Record labels are weird these days. They're all about pop and hip-hop. How do you want to market this? Rock? Alt? AAA? That decision may impact what kind of uptake the song has.

9. And if the budget allows it, think about creating a lyric video for YouTube. That's still a major, major source of music discovery.

Let me spread this to my social networks. That'll be good for at least 100,000 people. 

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