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Shellie Bowman

I enjoyed listening to this project. It speaks to a specific audience which can be good but limiting. Regarding your marketing, you should focus on those who can relate to living that "lit life", feel me? Your production is solid with great use of reverb which creates depth and color. Although the song speaks to a limited audience, I believe it has great cross-over potential. If promoted correctly, this could be a big song. I recommend being very strategic when you release this song and all other projects. Much success to you Brothers.   

Huia Hamon

Thank you for the submission!

What I like about this tune is it that it is exactly what the description says... a background for blazing up and kicking back. It's not trying to be anything but that and I appreciate the groove and easy raw style.  Obviously not written to commercial radio or airplay, but, loads of underground hiphop would enjoy this and of course, anything related to the THC world.

Promotion wise, I would send it to as many legal high forums as possible, my only critique would be the dead stripper in the bathroom reference, otherwise the rest is all good.

Production wise its fine for the genre and style but if you wanted to take it up a notch, a bit more vocal production and mastering tweaks could be added. Cheers!

Ray Ricky Rivera

Let me preface this by saying, I've been a long time fan, creator/producer, and record buyer of hip hop music. Hip hop is easily the genre I listen to most and the culture I identify with best. I toured as an emcee with a local LA band for several years and performed as a solo hip hop artist for a bit. With that said, I can only honestly say I do not get excited over weed records. Back in the early 90's however, I did bump a lot of Cypress Hill and being from LA, Snoop and Dre were always in heavy rotation. Hip Hop is so vast and has so much to offer that I'm just not moved by songs that are only about getting high. It's just not for me anymore. Maybe it's because I'm not a smoker. 

But, with the current CBD movement and all the new laws surrounding marijuana legalization, I can't imagine there not being a HUGE audience for this (beyond your hip hop heads of course). I'm just not in that demographic.  As for the production, it sounds like a demo to me. That's not good or bad, it's just what i'm hearing as far as quality. I did like the use of of the laser sound effect after "light it, light it, light it, like some lasers." That was cool... You mentioned the project is meant as "background music to a cypher or smoke sesh" and I think you definitely deliver on that. So, kudos to you for keeping the overall vibe/theme consistent. I'll offer this advice not knowing where you're at in your career, but I'll assume you're just starting to build your audience and get your name out there... Target the weed smokers. Hit up weed fests, CBD conventions etc. I know some LA rappers who've partnered with weed companies to offer their own strain. Maybe there's opportunities like that for you out there. Your niche is so specific that it should be relatively easy for you to find listeners that'll dig this. I'd also target colleges and try to hit that demographic for shows and radio play. If you'll be sending this out to music/program directors, make sure you have a radio edit ("clean version") ready to go. 

So, in the middle of writing this I checked out your social media pages. From the quick glance I took it looks like you've been doing things you should be. You just need to produce more content. Your IG looks good with 2,369 followers. Maybe try posting videos where you're talking to the audience and documenting the process. People love to see stuff like that. I hope some of this was helpful. Good luck to you and keep at it! 


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