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Chris Heintz

Lou thank you for reaching out and submitting first and foremost. 

Starting out the mix on the record sounds solid. There are a few  issues within that bass line and kick though which can be fixed with some quick frequency cuts. I really like the overall vibe of the piano melody and the subtle synth elements as far as the backing track goes. The percussive elements bring a nice rhythmic feel to the track as well. Performance wise it's very strong. You have a distinct tone and I absolutely love the BV's and harmonies. It's a very well put together piece of music from all aspects. Lyrically a nice story is told and the arrangement keep things moving along nicely as well. I'd love to hear some more tracks from you. Please email me let's say 2 more to Thank you!

Jerry Doby

This is a nice lounge act song and would set the tone for an amazing candle-lit evening. Lovely arrangement and full voice moments. No need to hide your power though, the track can handle it!

Bob Lugowe

I really enjoyed this song and it remained stuck in my head awhile after listening! You have a beautiful voice, great delivery and a perfect mix of styles. I like your aesthetic too, based on this song's art and your instagram which reminds me of a modern day, holistic Stevie Nicks mixed with Smashing Pumpkins art for Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. You've clearly got a lot of talent here so stay on the right track, consider hiring a publicist for your debut EP and putting together visuals, whether motion graphics, studio footage, proper music video, etc. to help with the release. One other note, I think your website could use an update. It's a bit jumbled and hard to navigate through the sections. Something like a squarespace site would be perfect. Best of luck!

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