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Thinly Veiled by Soundxscape

Brian Hazard

I'm not sure what the genre is either! Trip hop? Synthwave? Lofi hip hop?

It's a nice little groove for sure, though it feels a little too loose. It's like the shuffle is uneven to the point of being almost random at times. I love that it doesn't feel overly quantized, but a little tighter would be an improvement IMHO.

I'm wondering why your SoundCloud tracks are titled session 1 and session 2. To me, it makes it sound like they may be demos, and people may feel less inclined to listen to demos.

The bass is borderline too loud but otherwise the mix is fine. Nothing in the mastering stands out to me, which is probably a good thing.

As for the composition itself, it's just a four-bar loop without much sense of build. It just kind of rolls along. But hey, you tagged it ambient — that works.

It's a tough sell, but I'll go ahead and share it with my following on Twitter. Thanks for sharing it with me!


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