Hamish Anderson

Hamish Anderson

Hamish Anderson

Australian Blues Rock artist, Hamish Anderson
After being named one of Yahoo! Music’s “Top Ten Best New Artist,” Australia’s roots rock artist, Hamish Anderson performed 11 sets during SXSW (2017) opened for Vintage Trouble, Jared & The Mill, Low Cut Connie and toured the US as well as appeared at US festivals such as Firefly, Echo Park Rising, Mountain Jam, High Sierra, Big Blues Bender, Summerfest, Telluride Blues & Brews Festival (MainStage on Saturday and opened for Drive By Truckers late night) and Canada’s RBC Bluesfest Ottawa. He was featured as a Taco Bell “Feed the Beat” artist and KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic with his single,  “U”, which was profiled also on NPR Music’s Heavy Rotation along with his entire album, Trouble. 

In 2018, NPR also profiled Hamish’s album a year after it was released on Here & Now/DJ Sessions via Anne Litt from KCRW. This year, he completed the recording of his second album, did a 3 week festival tour in Europe, and performed at Bottlerock Napa Valley, CA and also appeared at KCRW's Chinatown Summer Nights series, Madame Siam, KCSN's Live at the Village in Topanga, CA and Eden Roc on  in Miami, FL in support of his new single, “No Good” https://ffm.to/nogood — which was immediately added to Spotify’s Official Nu Blues playlist and Apple Music Japan’s Best of the Week upon launch. 

His video for "No Good" premiered on Billboard with a feature article about his album Out Of My Head (http://bit.ly/2Mx0rDf). This was followed by an east coast US tour.

He opened for Gary Clark Jr in April, 2019 in his home country of Australia and then returned to the US to appear at Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis, TN in May and release his new album. Since then, he has appeared at the Redondo Beach Music Series in July, Mont Tremblant Music Fest in Quebec, Canada, did a month long headlining European tour, and started this year opening for the legendary George Thorogood in Australia.

You can keep up with Hamish at www.hamishandersonmusic.com
music performance
rock, folk rock, americana, blues
los angeles, ca

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Out Of My Head by Hamish Anderson

Benjamin Groff

Hi Hamish...nice music video.  I liked what you're doing there with being the spectator in the background.  Overall i think it's a quality submission.  This one's really close for me.  One thought I had here that I find in a lot of songs that just miss for me are sometimes missing what I call the 2nd melody.  This also applies from pop songs, to the most pitchfork cool indie.  I actually wrote a whole post on this if you want to check out here: https://www.benjamingroff.com/blog/writing-better-verses.  Overall though I really did like this but not sure if I'm quite over the top with the song for the We Are: The Guard website.  But I think you're doing the right thing with Fluence submissions (and SubmitHub is good too).  There's also some Spotify playlisting strategies too I would suggest but too long to write about here.  But they are included in a 70 video module release course that I just released if you want to check out (i'll give you an additional discount code of BENJAMIN10 if you want to use).  it's here at benjamingroff.teachable.com  Definitely quality and nice work.  Benjamin. 

Mike Mineo

A lushly entrancing vocal presence guides along melodic, hazy guitar twangs to make for an enticing beginning. Aesthetically, I'm fondly reminded of Wilco. The "out of my head," refrain makes for a comforting reference point, structurally. I'm also reminded of Matthew Sweet upon the hook at 01:19 -- with the added vocal vibrancy and acoustical shimmer playing effectively. "Out of My Head" is an instantly engaging, continuously melodic success. Thanks for submitting! I look forward to sharing this.

D Grant Smith

The video tells a story differently than the song does. Which is rather interesting. From a listening perspective, I enjoy this song. It has a Van Morrison feel to it. Makes me curious what the rest of your songbook sounds like. 

Brian Hazard

Six feet people!

It's nice to hear great songwriting. Really interesting chord progression and the arrangement is tastefully sparse.

It sounds a touch muddy via YouTube but other than that, no technical complaints.

Just so you know, my audience is a bunch of synth-heads and I think my profile even lists electronic genres exclusively, but I'll go ahead and share this. Hopefully it'll get you a few more well-deserved views/spins, but it's not exactly in my wheelhouse.

But hey, a great song is a great song!

Hamish Anderson submitted media.

You Give Me Something by Hamish Anderson

Lauren Gribble

Hello! I absolutely loved the song. I felt that the guitar really became the centerpiece of the track and made it memorable. Vocals sounded, drums sounded great, and I have no complaints or ways for you to improve it. Good luck with the release :) 

Indie Band Guru

The fuzz guitar tone is amazing. It brings that classic feel to the modern sound. Love a good guitar solo too.
Quality video focuses on the talent as well. 


I really like this don and the video.  I would love to play it on my station. 

Brandon Dorsky

Really great song and video.   Lust is a good theme and this is a sexy rock song.   I like the throwback nostalgic feel to it.  Reminds me of The Black Keys a bit.   The lighting and photography for the video is solid.    Curious where this was filmed?  

Will be adding some Hamish on Spotify (just added this song).  

If you could get me some more details about the artist and video, I could do a more colorful post for SUPERGOODMUSIC.    Email to brandon@supergoodmusic.com or supergoodmusicmgmt@gmail.com.  

D Grant Smith

I like this tune. And I love the Jim Morrison vibe you have going on. Nice sound, tune, and mood you're rocking out with. Your video looks great and your song really flows well. Nice guitar work as well. There's a Joe Bonamassa meets Oasis feel to this song. 

Chris Lovett

Hey Hamish, thanks so much for sharing, really enjoyed the track. We'll just focus on the promo activity for now and i was pleased to find plenty about you when I clicked away and looked you up. It appears you are already doing a lot of good things so hopefully these bits and pieces can just enhance what you're already doing. The plays on spotify look good for this track so well done, how can you now get this on playlists of similar artists or sounds? There is plenty of articles available that break down ways you can do this so it may be worth checking those out. In regards to other platforms your track can be heard wider, there are loads of music blogs out there that are looking for fresh music and listeners rely on those blogs to tell them where to spend their time. Hit up submithub for a platform of dozens of blogs you could submit to, plus research another few dozen that would fit your sound and just go submission crazy. We want this track to continue to be a new find for people who can then choose to connect further with your work, so there should always be momentum. The same goes for online radio and traditional radio, use apps like tunein to collect a bunch of stations that fit your genre and research their own submission process. It should be pretty straight forward but you can hit a lot of areas with this simple formula. Maybe even a lot of countries too! When anything positive like this happens, it must be shared to also drive more traffic to your site or profile on platforms. Speaking of platforms, I can see you're on a few alreayd but try and pick them all up so even the more indie ones like lastfm and bandcamp, a lot of listeners go there looking for new music to tell their friends about. 
Being connected is another great way to organically promote your sound, which artists in and around your level are you collaborating with, who have you supported that will support you back? Its easy to reach out to other artists now and work on something together, spotify already connects listeners to what they think are similar artists, are you happy with those artists? What is there listenership like? What playlists do they feature on? Who do they work with etc. Understanding other artists journeys will help your own and collaboration will only positively impact your reach as fans of theirs will be intrigued to know who you are and can choose to find out. Playing live at the moment is a bit of a no go but what are you doing to plan for 2021, what venues are in and around your catchment area that have already booked bigger artists? They likely havent filled those support slots yet so there could be an opportunity for you to get in early. The amount of artists in London that use the support slot root to new fans is massive. Sometimes I would just go to shows to watch the support act as they had so much buzz. Theres so much you can do for yourself on a small budget but it does require time and a bit of admin, so make sure to not get caught up in that and not have enough time to create, thats the whole reason why people like you are important. The aim here is to understand what you want to get out of all of this, what does success mean to you? Then build momentum with very small goals, not massivel ones. The movement just needs to be ticking over regularly and then every 6 months or so you can stop and reflect and see what you have achieved. Radio play in x countries, featured on x blogs, supported xxx, had an interview with xxx, released xx tracks etc. The more doors you open yourself the more opportunities you will get. Have fun with it all and best of luck! C

Alan Cross

This is good stuff! We need more fuzz and organ in today's music. And cowbell, too. Good.

Now that you've got the song(s), it's time to start cutting through the noise. What's the plan (other than sending stuff to me, that is.) 

If you send a high-quality MP3 to alan@edge.ca I'll see what I can do about getting this some feature radio play in Toronto. Meanwhile, I'll share this on my social networks. That'll be good for at least 100,000 people.

Bob Lugowe

Great tone and fuzz with a retro yet timeless songwriting quality to it. Catchy songwriting, good hooks and enjoyable guitar solo. Video is totally pro too so nice work all around. It looks like you're doing something right as the video has a decent amount of views and your Spotify plays / monthly listeners are all impressive. 

For starters,I would suggest by including lyrics and links to your socials as this is your elevator pitch in front of the right people so you want to provide as much info as possible in a clear and concise manner and make it as easy as possible for anyone to learn more if they'd like.  I would also suggest putting all of your music on bandcamp, perhaps as pay what you want to build a fanbase as that is the #1 site for indie music fans to discover and purchase music plus they pay artists the best rates. Also, be sure to use all of the available and FREE artist tools across the DSPs like Spotify for Artists, Apple Music for Artists, Amazon Music for Artists and Bandcamp's artist platform as these will provide great insight into your fanbase, how your music is performing and allow you to optimize your profiles and pitch for inclusion on playlists in certain instances. If you're looking for more promotion and coverage on blogs you should consider hiring a publicist or a marketing firm to help with the release of your next single and/or album. If you want to get signed to a label, you seem to have a lot of the right tools in place so make sure you're playing live as much as possible and with acts bigger than yourself to continue to grow and get noticed. Best of luck! 

Hamish Anderson submitted media.

No Good by Hamish Anderson from Melbourne, Australia (ROCKWOOD SHOW 11/1)

Aurora Berill

The band's signature sound of driving guitars, blues-based warm ups and sophisticated acoustic jazz recalls the golden ages of glam rock and blues. They could easily have been laid down back in the 1970s and 80s. 

Maybe the final solo is a little bit too long for my taste, yet it blends perfectly natural with the rest of the song. Great music and very powerful performance with depth to the sound stage, giving it a “live” feel. The band creates a spontaneous atmosphere and unique sound that combines many different elements of blues and rock.

The song is a must for acoustic blues listeners and anyone else looking for a fine sounding song to add to the playlist. Definitely enjoyed this track and I would love to hear more from this artist in the future!

Thanks for sharing your music with me!

Lauren Gribble


Wow, what a song! I loved everything about the track and honestly, there's not a bad thing about it. I'll be sharing this on Twitter promptly. Best of luck!

Indie Band Guru

Definitely a radio-ready rock song. Great guitar work. We will share the tour news on our socials for you.  (Unfortunatly I am unavailable on Nov 1 for the NYC show)

D Grant Smith

Cool tune! I dig the bass and drum groove. Sweet solo too. Where can I hear your other songs?

SD Hox

A great work from down under. A solid performance from this trio and a compelling video. Really nice effort and thanks for sharing. 

Hugh McIntyre

This is cool. You clearly have talent as a performer, songwriter, and a product overall (take that how you will). I get what this is, and I think there is an audience for it. I would say that for me, there should be just a little something extra to make your songs stand out from the crowd, but I definitely feel it's in a good place and on the right track.

Kami Knake

Solid production and vocals. I love his voice and have listened to his music in the past. I don't love it but like this song a lot. Look forward to hearing more from him in the future! 


I really like this song.  I think that it is great.  It is catchy, and will easily be a hit.  It was a lot of fun to listen to.  I would love to play it on my station. 

Alan Cross

Ain't nothing wrong with this. I think it's fantastic from all angles. If you send a high quality MP3 to alan@alancross.ca I'll make sure this gets on my Toronto radio show and as part of my weekly music picks on Global-TV's website.

Bob Lugowe

Well-shot music video with a lot of talent and catchy songwriting on display. Everything looks super pro and it seems like you're already well on your way to making a name for yourself. I don't have too many suggestions since the whole presentation looks great and you clearly have some sort of team behind you already. Perhaps put your music on Bandcamp as that's a great outlet for independent artists and consider hiring a publicist / college radio promo company to work the singles / upcoming album if you haven't already. Best of luck!

Andrea Young

I'm a big fan of guitar and rock so loving this very-Tom-Petty sounding track.  Send a high quality mp3 to andrea@aspenbeat.com with 'Fluence Request - Artist Name - Track Title' in the subject line and I'll add it to playlists and shows.  Already added to my Aspenbeat 'New Music Gems' playlist on Spotify here https://open.spotify.com/user/aspenbeat/playlist/0w0QfIQf4FchpvIAiXWyOD?si=cPdpCwmqTbmsLZBC0_11CQ, follow as you can on Spotify and socials.
Will look to catch a live show sometime soon, I'm a fan!  Thanks for introducing me to your music and for the submission!