Carbon Memory
Carbon Memory is a dynamic alternative rock band that develops sonic snapshots that are both transporting and cinematic. The Toronto band cues magnetic guitars and contemplative lyrics to a reel of ambient textures that oscillate between a sense of nostalgia and optimism. 

It is in this spirit that the band came upon the sound and title of their upcoming EP, Tourist. Following the arduous process of self-producing/recording their 2018 debut EP, Panoramas, the band decided to enlist the help of Toronto producer Graham Walsh (Holy Fu*k, Alvvays, METZ) to best capture and instigate sonic experimentation on the group’s latest material.

Tourist was recorded over a period of two weeks, late summer 2020, at Toronto’s Palace Sound and Candle Recording studios. The EP features the band’s most compact and direct work yet. From the hazy, ethereal shoegaze textures and krautrock inspired “Distance” to the smug and insidious piano driven crooner “Rumours” that burns slow but heavy; Tourist gives the listener an idea of where the band has been and hints of where they want to go next. “The Only One” borrows plenty from the British Alternative rock aesthetic with a wall of guitars, a pulsing piano and soaring catchy choruses. “Closure” is the band’s organic midnight summer synth funk jam, while the brooding track “Tonight” plays out a recurring dream suspended by angular rhythms, wiry guitars and haunting melodies. 

August 2018, saw the band release its debut EP, Panoramas; setting across Southern Ontario for a string of shows including dates at Toronto’s iconic Opera House and Lee’s Palace. The band was also featured on Southern Souls, the fantastic online video archive of the latest Canadian independent talent, showcasing two live-off-the-floor performances of the band’s jazzy and psychedelic laced track “Medusa” and their embracing folk-inspired song “Ocean of Gold”.

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Rumours (Official Video) by Carbon Memory

Alan Cross

Love the slow build and the chord structure. There are so many movie theme elements here it's scary (and I mean that in a good way--it's almost Bond-like.)  Super production! Great video, too.

Please keep me posted as we get closer to the release date, okay?

submitted media.

Tonight (Official Video) by Carbon Memory

Alan Cross

Very well done. Good chops on behalf of all the players. Nice production. And it's good that you have a music video, too. YouTube is a massive source of music discovery.

That being said, the structure and nature of the song don't scream "hit single." This is an excellent album track, one for fans to discover once they are led to you. That's not a criticism; it's just how radio and streaming work. And it is good that you can demonstrate this kind of ability. Tracks like this will show your musical skills, something that is definitely appreciated by a portion of your audience. 

If you have something a little more commercial (i.e. something with simple hooks), focus on that as a single. But keep making music like this, too.

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