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Brian Hazard

Great artwork! And the track is doing stellar on SoundCloud! 🎉

How did you get 32K spins on this one, but only 242 on your previous release? 

I'm getting a "I Keep Forgettin" vibe, with a hint of "Africa". In the synthwave scene, it reminds me of Duett.

You were worried that you were doing Fluence wrong, but this is great. Some people just write "new single" and don't provide any guidance or idea of where they're coming from.

The vocal samples are fantastic! And the horns. Wow, many moods here! Maybe too many ideas for one track? I dunno.

I don't really hear the telephone connection musically, but it's an interesting title.

All in all, a really chill groove and great mood piece. I didn't catch any really strong hooks, and couldn't sing the melody back to you, but that doesn't necessarily bother me!

I do wonder if the track would do better if you cut out about 20% of the musical ideas, and length, to form something a little tighter and more cohesive, with a clear structure. A radio edit perhaps? 🤔

Regardless, I'm happy to share this. I hope it gets you a few more well-deserved plays!


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