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Aaron Beri

Aaron Beri's new single 'Naked'
Naked is the first single from Aaron's upcoming visual series that fuses with an audio album entitled 'Paris to Vegas'. It melts nostalgia into a current pop sound. The video introduces Aaron as not only a dynamic vocalist, but also as a musician who thinks outside the box. Not governed or controlled by any socially imposed trends when it comes to style, sexuality and rhythm. The direction is led by emotion. This song, and artist, may as well be from another planet.

Video: https://youtu.be/Ixcj8MRPDec

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Naked by Aaron Beri

Chris Heintz

Thank you for reaching out and submitting. 

Starting out the mix on the record sounds solid. The vocals were produced nicely and the instruments fill out the mix well. Overall I felt like the track sounded a bit out dated compared to where pop records/tracks are now, but still a solid production overall. Vocally there wasn't anything overall within the performance that blew me away and I can tell a lot of mixing work went into the vox sounding the way they do. Lyrically also nothing really there that was different. The concept "Naked" is also a bit basic and safe for me. The visual was nicely shot, but I fee like the whole "Bonnie and Clyde" criminal thing is way over-done. Still a well put together song and visual for the most part. 

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