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lucas james by sleeping beauty

Chris Heintz

Lucas first and foremost thank you for reaching out and submitting. 

Starting out the mix sounds really good. The track itself has good separation between all of the elements, the low end hits well and everything sounds wide, clean and clear along with the vox. Performance-wise you definitely have the whole Bieber thing going on as far as your tone goes and I do hear The Weeknd in there as well. Melodically it's pretty solid although, I feel like you could explore that pre more and add some more ear candy into the chorus to take things up a level. You could also add some vamps/bv's to the ending chorus to take things up a notch. The bridge could be better melodically as well. Overall I like the concept and the lyrics tell a good story. 

I would love to hear some more material from you. Please send me a few more records to