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Ambition by Mr Jack

Brian Hazard

Sorry it's taken me so long! Just wrapping up an album and I'm hoping to launch pre-orders tomorrow.

I'm getting a hip hop/country Santana vibe 😜. Not very helpful, huh? But it's definitely a unique blend of styles, which I believe works in your favor.

With that in mind, you can probably get away with pitching to several different genres and see which one(s) stick. Maybe on SubmitHub and/or directly to playlist curators on Spotify.

The lyrics are pretty indirect and seem to promise a message that you never deliver, but you've got some great lines like "Kicked you in the Monday". With the song ending so soon, it feels like you're missing the chorus altogether.

Production-wise, the mix is mostly balanced, though the bass and snare are a bit too out front. The vocal sounds completely raw, and there are minor pitch problems. Unfortunately, some are right off the bat and may disqualify the track within seconds for a large percentage of listeners.

You could definitely benefit from professional mastering, but the vocal tone and levels need to be addressed first. There's too much low mids in most of the vocal tones, and I'm not hearing much if any compression.

There's definitely a lot of potential here! It's just a matter of carving out your niche and developing your production skills a bit more. Thanks for sharing it with me!