Artist Name: Fetherstone
Heavily influenced by her 94-year-old artistic grandmother, Aussie born Fetherstone brings together her musical past in jazz, her current inspirations from the London electronic pop scene, combines them with her deep-thinking, reflective stories. Based in London since 2015, the Debut EP (4 tracks released April-July 2017) was produced and engineered by London native Harry Tarlton (Kobalt, Union J, Stooshe, WarnerUK), with the last single "Two Hands On Deck" hand picked by Newton Faulkner to feature on the Richer Unsigned record store day vinyl compilation, April 2018. 

Fetherstone's songwriting is hard to define; its not straight ahead pop yet there's electronic loops and catchy melodies, there's jazz in the chords, folk in the vocal harmonies but the thing that stands out is the story driven, descriptive and introspective lyrics. With her 94-year-old artistic grandmother being one of her biggest inspirations, Fetherstone has always been surrounded by art and the contemplative thinking that comes with it. Her live shows captivate audiences using a loop/effects pedal, percussion and electronic drums, alongside her plays Henry Mitton on Synth and Harriet Langley on guitar. Recent shows include The Camden Assembly supporting Frida Sundemo (SWEDEN), Richer Unsigned Live at Melomania, TV Nights Upstairs at Ronnie Scott's, The Servant Jazz Quarters supporting Ella Janes (UK), Live at The Bedford, The Troubadour supporting The Modern Strangers (UK). 
The next release from Fetherstone was born from a collaboration between UK producer BREW, combining forces to create a chilled, dancey, 80's synth remix of  "All You Need To Be", a track from the 2017 EP.  The remix single marks the beginning of another artistic collaboration between Fetherstone and STUDIO B, a sydney based graphic designer who has interpreted the new remix into an imagery filled, psychedelic, avant-garde music video. The remix single will be released Friday 31st August through AWAL and the video will be out on Youtube/Vimeo Friday 7th September. The release will be accompanied by a launch party at The Gladstone Arms (London) on 1st September, a night that will highlight live visuals and the importance of self acceptance.

Fetherstone Music 
E:    fetherstonemusic@gmail.com 
W:   http://fetherstone.com
F:     http://facebook.com/fetherstonemusic
I:      http://instagram.com/fetherstonemusic
T:     http://twitter.com/fetherstonemu
SC:  https://soundcloud.com/fetherstonemusic
Y:     https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCifg0ZOZ4ulCKxNe1YhQ_Vw
SP:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/3ezaJbd6mYk5zZAfW81Ore
singing, songwriting, arrangement, music performance
indie rock, folk, electronica, pop, synthpop, chillwave, indie electronic
London, England

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Fetherstone submitted media.

Mike Mineo

The introduction of "Ticket to You" flickers with effervescent synths, as the vocal emergence at 00:14 and quick accompaniment of guitars + mellow keys begins to assemble a captivating soundscape. The pulsating bridge at 00:43 leads to the climax at the one-minute mark, where rousing vocals combine with piano and scorching-hot guitar lines for a memorable moment. Male vocals in the second series of verses adds some nice tonal variation. The chorus' reprisal at around 02:28 works just as well as its initial push. Overall, the track is lively and melodically consuming throughout -- a well-produced and engaging effort. I look forward to sharing. Since you marked that you need help with promotion, feel free to email me at mike@obscuresound.com to ask about my PR servicing's rates and success stories. Thanks for the submission! -Mike

Kami Knake

Solid production and vocals. Sexy voice. Very unique cool indie chillwave vibe. I like alot but don't love the melody. Will listen to see if it keeps growing on me!

Benjamin Groff

Hey Fetherstone...lots of good things happening in this track.  I like the sophisticated chords, vocals, track sounds really good.  I just thought the melody was maybe a little overly repetitive in places.  One thing i would look at that might help...a lot of the best songs...the verse has a melody range that's used....the pre chorus has another one, the chorus another...and were those notes in those sections are really only used for those sections...it helps niche things out so when you get to the chorus you're getting fresh notes (and btw of course these ranges usually go higher and higher for each section so the chorus you're hearing the highest notes).  Like i feel your chorus "arrives" but then starts pulling back into some other familiar melodies rather than keep "going" and delivering moments.  But overall ... really strong one here and it sounds like you're on the right track.

Lauren Gribble

Hi Briana! What a great song and definitely an interesting concept, for sure! I loved everything about the song and I have no complaints about it. Keep doing what you are doing and feel free to send in more new songs!

Fetherstone submitted media.

All You Need To Be (Brew Remix) by Music by Fetherstone, Brew. Video design by Studio B

Tom Johnson

Remix's can be a difficult thing to promote via blogs/sites as they tend to get ignored somewhat but the track and video is really strong so it could do well down that route. Sites like The 405, The Line Of Best Fit, cover a lot of electronic/pop stuff so maybe reach out to them to try and lock down a premiere. Other than that, make sure you're covered on the likes of Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Youtube and work away down that route. You can use Hype Machine to find sites that cover the same kind of music as yours. Reach out to them and be personal and to-the-point. It's a really nice collab' though - so best of luck! 

Charlie Ashcroft

A hypnotic and wonderfully innovative video. Perfect visuals for a song like this. The song itself builds very nicely, and I can see it going down well on certain overnight BBC Radio 1 slots or even in certain corners of BBC Radio 3 and BBC 6 Music. The production is bold, and illustrates a cinematic quality, reminding me at points of the incidental soundtracking on shows like How To Get Away With Murder, which Photek scored so well.

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