Shane Friedman

Shane Friedman

Shane Friedman

Music Industry Hopeful
Hello People of Fluence!

My name is Shane Friedman and I am a rising junior at Tulane University majoring in Marketing and minoring in Psychology and Legal Studies hoping to gain practical experience in the music industry this upcoming school year and/or next summer. 

Music is my passion and to have the opportunity to work in this industry is a life-long dream of mine. I first got interested in music when I was 9-years old. My father took me to a Grateful Dead Concert at MSG, and wow what an experience. I still remember it like it was yesterday; the unfamiliar smell of gasoline and the resulting glossy-eyed fans bopping their heads up and down to the rhythms of the songs. Ever since then, I have had a craving for finding new music, new sounds, and new artists. Following this passion, I went to work at The FADER Music Magazine, which helped me realize that the music industry is somewhere I want to be. Working alongside senior professionals of the company, I was able to witness and learn how music can have a major cultural influence on society and the role that marketing and promotions has upon that influence. This role was very fitting for me because not only do I have a very diverse music library, but I am very organized, hardworking, responsible, and enthusiastic, especially when immersed in something that I love.

At Tulane, I have mostly taken business courses: Marketing Fundamentals, Organizational Behavior, Financial Management, Financial Accounting, Legal Studies in Business, Business Analytics, Management Communications, and Micro and Macroeconomics. In addition, I took Communications Studies and have learned about the different ideologies that shape the media. Furthermore, I am apart of four organizations on campus: Zeta Psi Fraternity, Tulane Studios, Green Bull Investment Group, and American Marketing Association. Tulane Studios is a program for amateur music producers who want to learn more about systems like Logic, Ableton, or whatever software you own. In the latter two, we invite speakers and professionals in the respective industry to come give us lectures to gain practical experience and to network with potential employers. In addition, this upcoming semester I plan on applying to be an apprentice on the WTUL radio station, and to become a member of the Annual Crawfest Committee. 

With regards to my experience, I have had incredible marketing experience working for both traditional and non-traditional marketing firms. More specifically, this past summer I worked for a real estate firm and was tasked with finding tenants for residential and commercial spaces. I also gained exposure to “guerilla” marketing tactics as an intern at GoGORILLA Media. We used cutting-edge marketing techniques such as sidewalk stencils, bar coasters, and also attached advertisements to moving vehicles. 

I am a motivated college student that a strong desire to learn. Every day I spend hours researching music, creating playlists, and trying to find new artists to diversify my library. I like to think that I have a great ear for talent. Some artists I have found at very early stages in their careers are: Goldlink, Anderson .Paak, Mura Masa, Saba, Vic Mensa, and many more.
New York City

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Jerry Doby

Love the's ok to let folks know how you feel! Moving on is healthy! Great arrangement, and vocals...awesome radio single!

SD Hox

Solid work on this track. Nice beats and smooth vocals. Thanks for sending and I'm happy to share with others.