Eric Phillip
With an abundance of obstacles that we must endure, one must ask themselves, Over that hill are we free? 
Eric Philip’s story begins in NYC, a cacophonic urban atmosphere designed with beauty and yearning for tranquility. He developed a sound unique to his spirit based on the chaos of every day life, juxtaposed to a serenity founded on love and a passion for underappreciated creativity. But after two years of bright lights and dark smoky rooms, Eric was ready to explore a new corner of the world. He embarked on a spiritual journey inward, moving to New Hampshire to maintain a peaceful existence, undisturbed by the traffic and bolster so iconic to NY. It was in the mountains that Eric’s sound reverberated, allowing him to embrace his music with confidence. He prioritized living organically, recognizing the importance of holistic simplicity. He now has developed a style, molded by his eclectic experiences of performing in such places as the Bowery Electric, The Bitter End, and Café Vivaldi. Eric began working on his latest project, “The Keene Demos,” which was most appropriately recorded in a local barn in Mason NH using locally hand crafted microphones, the epitome of nature, and the pinnacle of the organic life style he embraced. He now journeys onward with the purpose of sharing his music with you, and hoping that within the lyrics, you will be able to find yourself.
folk, lo-fi

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Wild Dandelion by Eric Phillip

Chris Heintz

Eric thanks for reaching out and submitting. 

Starting out the mix sounds like a rough studio recording. The guitar is bright and clean, but the vox seem to be a bit low in the mix so those could be brought up. I like the melody in the guitar and the musicianship is strong. Lyrically a nice story is told and I like the concept. Where things fall short for me is in the vocal performance. It sounds like a kind of monotone whisper other than a vocal. I feel like if you found someone to reference your records coming from a songwriting stance that you would have material that could work well for TV/Fil licensing. 

I hope this helps Eric. 

Lauren Gribble

Hello Eric! Thanks so much for submitting. I love your playing style and your unique voice! You are off to a great start with your music. Is this the overall style or will you be releasing something heavier? Would love to hear you play some different styles. All the best!


Wiley Koepp

Beautiful song. Love the 'unexpected' chord in the verses. Keeps the listener on their toes. Lyrics are vivid and sweet, evoking emotion and clear visions of the natural world. Your finger-picking is strong and consistent, seemingly effortless, allowing the listener to focus on your lyrics instead of concentrating on the guitar--a flowing, colorful background that puts each word on a pedestal.

Coincidentally, I spent 5 years in NYC without understanding who I was, after living in Austin for 10 years. Have since returned to Austin. Be sure to reach out when you get here. I think you'll find comfortable musical homes at Cactus Cafe and Saxon Pub for more 'official' shows. But there are rooms all around town to develop songs as they continue to come together.

Promotion-wise, Austin's strength of having a thriving scene is also your biggest obstacle. There are countless shows similar to yours every single night. My advice: network with other songwriters. Pool resources. Spend $5 on Facebook to promote your Events. Use Motorblade Postering to get your posters all over town. Investing tens of dollars in a show will help to raise you a bit above the fray.

Best of luck!

Wiley Koepp, Owner/Editor
Coyote Music

Andrea Young

Spoken-sung delivery on this is unusual, and with the melody and arrangement it works for us, send a high quality mp3 to andrea@aspenbeat.com with 'Fluence Request - Artist Name - Track Title' in the subject and we'll find a place for it on playlists and shows.  We'd like to add it to our Spotify playlist https://open.spotify.com/user/aspenbeat/playlist/0w0QfIQf4FchpvIAiXWyOD?si=f8SF4oG4ROuS0-mM7oYVFg
maybe send a link once it is online?   Great hook songwriting here, thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!