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Sean Rubin

Sean Rubin

Sean Rubin
Sean Rubin is a Hartford, CT based song-driven musician. Upon receiving his degree in classical double bass, Sean spent half a decade honing in his skills as a producer (Goodnight Blue Moon, Broca’s Area), and performer. Here, Sean represents this chapter of his career as a songwriter with his debut album “everybody shares a name”.

Recorded in the winter while living at Casa De Warrenton, “everybody shares a name” takes it's lead from classic golden age songwriters of the mid-late 20th century, all the while nodding towards a style of music that lives a bit more left of center. His passion for the avant garde, the thrill of noise as an instrument as well as the art of production by use of 4 track cassette recorders weave in and out of this dynamic album. At the core of his songs is a deep sense of conviction and sentiment which allude to an unapologetic, yet introspective look at life experiences we all share.
music production, songwriting, music licensing / syncing
indie rock, indie pop, indie folk, downbeat / electro-acoustic, avantgarde, indie electronic
NY and CT

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Mike Mineo

Gentle acoustics, shifting somewhat ominously to a minor key in the mid-point of each verse, do well in complementing the wake-up shown in the music video. There's a haunting, Thom Yorke-esque quality to the vocal tone, which works well behind the solemn acoustical line and subtle lingering string-laden presence. Hints of stomping percussion at 01:30 as the guitars waver intentionally off-key in psych-friendly form -- excellent moment here as the vocals erupt a bit at 01:55, in a Sujfan-like way. Very fascinating and successful structural turn. "By the Masses" is a consuming effort that I'm enjoying to the full extent. Thanks for sending -- I look forward to posting this on Obscure Sound in the near future. Also, since you marked needing help with promotion, feel free to reach out to me at for my PR servicing's rates and success stories. Would love to work with you. Publications that have posted about Radiohead and Grizzly Bear in the past are certainly some to target, in addition to those who have featured Andrew Bird. Their various labels would also be of interest. Thanks for submitting this, and I look forward to featuring.

Brent Douglas

Genre wise, this isn't my normal cup of tea, however I really love the miseducation theme of the record and the visual component that went along with it. I think it is a ver relatable concept for many music fans. 

Indie Band Guru

First off, phenomenal video that kept my attention throughout. The out of tune guitar plucking had me questioning at first but tied in well with the theme of the song. I will share it on the @IndieBandGuru socials. 
Although I do not see the song as a sync or licensing play, I do believe it could attract an audience in the indie alt world. Maybe a smaller independent label, or even self release.

Ed Cohen

Very strange and different in a good way.  I found it fresh and entertaining.

Tom Johnson

Hey Sean, thanks for sending the video over. Honestly, and personally, I'm not sure about the video itself, I feel like it distracts from the song a little, but I admire the effort gone in to it for sure. The song itself is lovely, the flow is great, and I really like the little nuances. There is for sure a market for your music, finding it is always the biggest problem. I can't say the best way to get heard by labels, but definitely reaching out to music blogs for coverage is a good way of spreading your craft, and oftentimes where labels look for new music. Use the search function on hype machine to find out which blogs have covered work similar to your own, and reach out to them, personally and respectfully. Best of luck with it all.