Robo Vine

Robo Vine

Robo Vine

Hello! We're a small indie pop band from Tokyo. Recently, we released our debut album in March. We're working on our followup now.

With much love,
- Griff, Kermin, and Ed
Tokyo, Japan

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Get With It by Robovine

Abdul Karim Siraji

Thanks for submitting your track. I am amazed by the creativity put in both the music arrangement and also the video. I think the song could be very popular. Only one thing which is missing is a proper MIX and MASTER. 

The sound design, arrangement is done very well, but however i would insist a better Drums and vocal balance. 
Also a lot of sounds are clashing into each other. The over all volume is a bit low too. 

Let me know if you would like help with a different MIX if this song. 

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