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Jacob Brown

Jacob Brown

Mermaed is an alternative punk rock band formed in 2017 championed by long time musical collaborators Arielle (vox) and Jacob (guitar). Drawing from their hard rock and pop punk influences they had growing up has resulted in high energy rock songs with undeniable chorus hooks, massive guitar sounds, and explosive live performances. Some have described Mermaed as “the musical love child of Paramore and the Foo Fighters”.

Arielle and Jacob have taken from the aggressive energy and misfit attitudes of the bands and artists that inspired them in their adolescence. They have brought back a 90s/2000s tone with modern rock production, lyrics with attitude and a mission, as well as feminine fury and passion that will launch them into the frontlines of the new punk revolution. They are set out to come alongside the likes of Yungblud, Grandson, SWMRS, Wolf Alice and The 1975, to continue to move culture toward a world of honest self expression and of powerful action.

Since forming Mermaed in 2017, they’ve kicked off in L.A. by playing shows at Emo Nite, The Satellite and The Hi Hat. They have just wrapped up making an EP with the talented producer Jon Joseph. The EP release is set for fall 2018.
Los Angeles

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IDIOT by Mermaed

Jacob Nathan

Definitely takes me back! Excited to hear more songs from the album so I can get a better grasp on the whole aesthetic. Great production and writing, everything is super tight and I think that there is a lot of potential for a song with this vibe right now to do well commercially. 

Looks like it just came out? Congratulations on the release!!!

Jen Dan

Wow, this is dynamite!!  You've got the whole rock package here going, stamped with some catchy pop melodies!  And the production is super-sharp and clean. This should definitely be rocking the mainstream airwaves, and I mean that is a good way.  
I love the rich sound that balances rock grit and pop flow.  It's so cool to have the punchy drum beat prominent in the song, and the angular guitar lines supporting and winding around the stark drums.  
And of course, Arielle, your strong, but sweet vocals that get really expressive on the chorus.
Speaking of which, that chorus lifts off like a sleek rocket, sweeping the listener up, up, and away!  Love it!
The lyrics can't be too complex in a sing-along rock song, but what you do say/sing is relevant and gets your point across.
All killer, no filler in my opinion.

Mike Mineo

Nice fade-in from distant distortion into something more full-bodied, hitting at the 9-second mark. Punchy though yearning vocals emerge in front of a minimalist backing, with sparse guitar lines and percussion leading the way. These verses play nicely with their guitar fragments and vocal emphasis, reminding me fondly of Matthew Good's 'Beautiful Midnight' album in tone. The soaring chorus around 01:06 is excellent -- hook-y and spacious, projecting a sort of gorgeousness when it comes to alternative-rock. Nice work here; it made me anticipate the hook's second entry, which arrives with satisfaction around the 01:54 mark, with an even more intense turn around 02:45 in the finale that plays with awesome fervor. I look forward to featuring this track on Obscure Sound. Also, since you marked wanting help promoting this, feel free to reach out to me anytime at mike@obscuresound.com to inquire about my PR servicing's rates and success stories. Thanks for submitting! -Mike

Brody Ramone

I dig this track but I'm not a fan of the vocal effects. I feel the singer has a great voice and the layered effects distract from it. Definitely some potential there.

Robal Johnson

This is really good. Great vox, cool riffs, tight drums, strong production. A fun song with playful lyrics. I would be pushing this out to college radio stations and independent tv/film licensing companies. I can absolutely hear this in a movie or show and smaller placement houses are always looking for something catchy to submit to music supervisors. And the benefit of most indies is that you often don't need to sign an exclusive contract. If you have an EPK already made, start firing it off. Don't email download attachments, always streaming links. And if you have merch, follow up your electronic submission with a snail mail package of a t-shirt with a personalized note. Don't need to bother with CDs, as they will just end up in the garbage, so don't waste your money. But a tee will get their attention and remind them to check out your jams if they had either ignored or missed them. I definitely want to hear some more tunes and would love to hear more about the band. Keep up the good work, gig as much as possible to hone your skills, and write, write, write songs. 

D Grant Smith

Great tune! Aggressive and poignant at the same time. That's a rarity. Great beat, melody and movement. There's a punkish Avril Lavigne style here and it really works. I'm curious what the rest of your tracks sound like and if you have a clean version of this one (can't do F bombs on FM radio these days). Many of the folks I'll recommend you to have media platforms that need an edited cut, something to consider in reaching out to media curators if you don't have it already prepared. I do like the tune.

Benjamin Groff

Hey Mermaed...really strong song here.  Everything is strong i think...from the production and vocals, artwork, etc.  For me and what I'm doing with Brill Building and We Are The Guard - the song might be just a little too down the middle for what I'm looking for.  Not that that's a bad thing at all.  I'm just looking more or less for artists and songs in the indie pop lane.  But this is really quality....listened twice!   My only suggestion is if there's anything you can do to lean this a little more modern - like taking what you're doing and step in to 2020....which might be a good goal as I'm not sure if the other artists in this lane have really made that step forward?  Anyway...great job with this one!  

Scott Cohen

Solid track.  Great song, production, vox, etc.  Your challenge is to find a way to separate from the crowd.  Find your lane.  What is your story?  What makes you unique?  Not who are your influences and who are you similar to.  You have all the elements.  Push a little harder to tell your story.

Bob Lugowe

Not normally my style but there's no denying this is a well-written song with infectious hooks and great production. The presentation (EPK, Fluence submission, social media, etc.) all looks super pro too so it looks like you're on the right track with everything. If you haven't already, you should def have a publicist working your debut EP and make sure you're supporting it with live performances, visuals (music videos, motion graphics vids, etc.). I think there's a lot of talent here so just surround yourself with the right team and hopefully it's off to the races!

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