Melissa Gottlieb

Melissa Gottlieb

Melissa Gottlieb

Los Angeles native Melissa Gottlieb masterfully blends country, roots, and rock.  With a rich, sultry voice, she weaves the influences of her youth into a current soulful sound. 2017 was a breakout year for Melissa. While performing shows regularly at LA’s best known showcase venue, The Hotel Cafe, Melissa worked on her debut EP with veteran producer, Steve Churchyard. Churchyard signed on after hearing one of Melissa’s live performances.  At the same time, Melissa was catching the attention of multiple major network casting producers who sought her out after seeing her unique, unplugged youtube series, The Bathroom Sessions. Currently, Melissa is back in the studio working with producer, Ned Douglas crafting a current and standout sound fitting of her voice and style.
Los Angeles

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A Night Like This by Melissa Gottlieb

Lauren Gribble

Hi Melissa! I love your voice! I love how everything fits together and sounds like something you would hear on the radio. I wouldn't change a thing. Feel free to send me more submissions when you have them. 

Wiley Koepp

"A Night Like This" embodies stellar production value. A recording of this sort is at once its own pro & con -- it's got a full-bodied Nashville-country sound. For that reason, it's got potential to break into country radio and spread into fans' playlists. The potential downside to that is that the 'safe' arrangement and standard melodic and instrumental arrangement won't stand out against the existing popular songs. Melissa's got a crystalline voice and support that could take her to the top, possessing as much talent as anyone already there.

We'll certainly share this song on our social media. Reach out via if you would like to explore additional promotional avenues.

Wiley Koepp, Owner/Editor
Coyote Music

Jerry Doby

Great pure voice and arrangement. Not overbearing with the frills and runs which made it more impactful for me. Natural use of timbre and intonation melded well with the sonics.

Chris Heintz

Thank you for reaching out and submitting to me Melissa.

Starting out the mix in the record sounds like a solid studio demo. Good spacing between all of the elements and the vox are in a good place within the mix. Performance-wise you do a good job of bringing the song to life and give what I calla believable performance. I liked the composition/lyrics overall as well. I do think the concept is a bit mundane though. I also think you have a good voice, but the song overall just sounds “done before”. When it comes to pop/rock I’m definitely looking for something more original sounding and progressive. I do think the record could do well in licensing for TV/Films though. 

I hope the feedback helps. Thank you.