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ELLIS McGINNIS submitted media.

Magic Mind by Alexis Kings

Arielle J.

I really like this! It has a great kind of 90s, summery vibe. I also really appreciated that this is such a polished, finished product. Great vocals, cool subtle bassline and the chorus is super catchy. I will definitely be checking out more of your stuff and I hope you guys make it over to New York one day! Only thing is that I wish you had provided some more context in the little blurb below. I always like to read about where the artist is coming from. =)

Jerry Doby

Really well arranged. Strong vocals with awesome use of timbre. 

Chris Heintz

First and foremost thank you for reaching out
and submitting.

To start out the mix sounds solid. Good space between all the elements and I like that the guitar is panned to the left to give that stereo imaging dynamic to the track. The mix is also clean and wide and the vox are in a nice place. The backing track shows good musicianship and I like the arrangement. Performance-wise I really like the tone of the vocalist and he does a great job emoting the record. He gives what I like to call a believable vocal. Lyrically I connected to the content especially in today’s social climate. I really liked the line “You working the steady life tell me how’s the view”. Really strong record overall. I’d love to hear some more, therefore I’ll check out the SoundCloud and get back to you.

SD Hox

Solid musicianship and strong vocals! I really like this track and I'm happy to spread the word. Thanks for sharing!

Hugh McIntyre

I really enjoyed this song--thanks for sending! It was an excellent example of well-produced, well-written pop-rock, and I can see a lot of people latching onto this type of thing!

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