Karli Forson

Karli Forson

Karli Forson

Karli Forson is a fun loving talented singer/songwriter from the small town of Denton ,Texas. Her signature blues like style mixed with her Texas "twang" helps deliver some of the most unique music performances in the current market.
Dallas Tx

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Karli Forson submitted media.

Hard Load by Karli Forson

Karli Forson submitted media.

Don't Have Whiskey No Mo by Karli Forson

Bob Lugowe

Fun, infectious song that has a memorable chorus, good production and solid instrumental backing. Definitely a lot of talent on display here so keep up the good work. For starters I would suggest including links to hear more of your music in your Fluence description along with the lyrics and/or a little writeup about what the song is about. It looks like you're just starting out considering you only have one song on Spotify so I would suggest really focusing on building your craft and honing in on your signature sound. Play live as much as possible in your region, try opening up for artists in your space who already have a following and focus on getting your songs to exactly where they want to be. It's important to develop your sound and image before you start pushing towards a bigger audience as you want to come out looking as pro as possible. Hire a photographer to take press pics of you, consider hiring a publicist for your next big release and even making a music video even if it's a live one for an upcoming single. Best of luck!

Johnny Ramirez

Very good vocals, the lyrics are very fun and tune overall is very catchy! 

Chris Heintz

Karli thank you for reaching out and submitting.

Starting out the mix on the record sounds pretty solid and the backing track shows good musicianship. Performance-wise the record was definitely delivered in a solid manner. You have a good tone and show good charisma. The song itself is just OK for me, but I do think it would do well for TV/Film syncs. 

Andrea Young

Really like the style, beat, energy, production and vocals especially on this one, but not relating to the lyrics personally so this one's a pass for us.  Would love to hear more!  This is definitely in the vibe of our style and taste for the most part.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!

Karli Forson submitted media.

Frontline by Karli Forson