Joy Kate
Hailing from the South, Joy Kate is a multifaceted singer, songwriter, actress, and  instrumentalist who was recently accepted into the NYU Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at age 16. She has been working  with music industry professionals  since an early age  including  Marty  Rifkin  (LeAnn Rimes, Bruce Springstein ), Tom Paden/Eddie Gentry  (Aaron Neville, Tammy Wynette),   Margaret  Becker (four- time Grammy Nominee), Tom Michael (Shannon LaBrie, Twenty One Pilots),  Judy Rodman ( One Way Ticket), Britton Cameron  (former staff  writer  Warner Chappell, Big Machine Records),  Sharke  (Harrison Boyd, Charles Harke) and Mike Piazza and Johnny Black (Tori Kelly).  She not only shows up with a new and exciting cinematic pop music style, but with an armor of materials to engage her new superfans!   Her music looks at relationships from a very unique angle of unconditional love. She writes songs about acceptance, truth, and being who you are and knowing that you can be authentic with people who truly love you and who you really care about. Her debut EP released August 2018 portraying a  modern-day Juliet  and  included   compelling love themes  interweaving pure vocal  innovativeness  with  a  youthful  Generation Z  teen spirit. Through her emotionally  empowering  music, Joy Kate hopes to be an inspiration and a spokesperson for all who listen.
singing, songwriting, music writing
indie pop, pop music, pop culture

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Lost In Translation by Joy Kate

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Undertow by Joy Kate

Scott Cohen

Beautiful dreamy track.  Great vocals.

Chris Lovett

Hey Joy, thanks so much for sharing. This song is very well put together, its a sombre but powerful piece. I can understand why a director would want this in a film. I think the production on it is really on point and the vocals compliment it really well. The range is great, the lyrics powerful and those extra little sections of higher emphasise really provide a little more tension to the listener. There are very subtle areas that do bring that slice of hope, this is pulled out in your words and in how the mood changes in the key. Very clever and really well put together piece. The listeners will want to give their full attention to this track and it deserves some space to breathe.

So what is the plan with this track now? Are you planning on releasing it as a standalone track or something else? Does the director want to use it elsewhere or can they recommend it to be used in another film? 

It would be great to see the reception of this one. Look forward to hearing more from you in the future. If you need any other support, please let me know. All the best. Chris

Bob Lugowe

I would reiterate what I said in my last comments for your submission. The music is quite good and you definitely have talent. You should also consider working with a manager, producer, etc. to help build an experienced team around your talent. I looked at your Spotify profile and it seems you have a decent amount of Spotify plays so keep doing whatever you're doing there and try to connect further with any listeners so they keep listening to your . new singles. Consider putting together a pro looking EPK to work with potential professionals, labels, etc. Best of luck!

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Puppet by Joy Kate

Scott Cohen

You have such a sweet voice and you write great songs.

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FLIRT by Joy Kate