Chris larson

Chris larson

Chris larson

Christopher Scott and the Imposters
Coming from an entertainment family Chris has composed music for TV and writes for his band the Imposters. Earthy tones with a modern rock flavor ,  his music tells stories.  Heavy on guitar with a hint of country,  songs come from the heart and dark themes are sometimes explored with always a light at the end of the tunnel.

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As She Dances by Chris Larson

Chris larson submitted media.

Lauren by Chris Larson

Black CaesarX

Sorry for not getting to this sooner had some technical issues with my computer getting access to Fluence.

Technically proficient and the song composition is good. The only area I would have liked to hear some improvement on is I felt the lead and backup vocal tracks were a little bit under the music.

I would have like to hear the lead vocals a little bit more out front along with the backing vocals layered behind them.

Otherwise you've got a great song here.

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Indie Band Guru

The track gets a little repetitive in my opinion. You may need a bridge or some changes in the melody to keep the listener's attention. Needs a hook. 

Chris larson submitted media.

Coming Home by Chris Larson

Mike Mineo

Twangy guitars and enjoyably gravelly vocals accompany endearing folks about embracing the nature of settling down and not placing too much value in material things. Plays fondly like a victory song, in overcoming personal demons and temptations. Very enjoyable. "one step forward / two steps back," hook is particularly melodic -- hook-y and enticing multiple replays. The track stylistically isn't breaking down any barriers, though plays well within a comfortingly vein of alternative that sports sincere, relatable lyrics and a strong melody. Nice work! Aesthetically reminds me of Christopher Owens / Girls.

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