Nadine Tremblay

Nadine Tremblay

Nadine Tremblay

Sexton Blake
In order  to transition from the theatre stage to the music stage, Nadine Tremblay created her alter ego ‘Sexton Blake’ for the launch of her career as a songstress and DJ.  Sexton explains "I am classically trained and have always sung musical theatre and harmonies and can’t help integrating these elements of my background into my song writing. I love dance music but I also love story and melody so I tried to combine it all into this strange and wonderful concoction.” Sexton’s music is innovative and energetic with hip hop, indie, synth-pop and electro influences, from the garage to the studio to you. The album Granted explores love (duh!), learning to say NO, anxiety, the fear of fear, the over-whelming choices we face today with a hopeful tone of 'let's face our fears and get on with it already'
hip-hop, indie pop, electronic, folk, pop, dance, indie electronic
Rossland, BC Canada

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D Grant Smith

Love the track. Love the video even more. Very creative and fun!

I'm curious what the rest of this album or EP sounds like. And I'm curious what you're doing to get your music in front of more music curators and fans. Shoot me and email and let's talk. Mention this fluence review so I make sure to not miss it. Looking forward to hearing from you!

D Grant

Tom Johnson

Thanks for the submission. I enjoyed the sentiment of the track and the video too, but I think the song as a whole falls a little flat and it could all be a bit...warmer? There are some really nice elements here but with the message the song is projecting I was really expecting the whole thng to really soar and I don't think it does that. Best of luck with the release though!

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