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Problems by Parlor.

Leks Maltby

On "Problems" by Parlor. fans are treated to three-and-a-half minutes of synth-heavy pop balladry that exceeds all expectations. Sounding like an instant radio hit in the current pop music climate, the competitive advantage that Parlor. possess is legitimate songwriting prowess, relying less on gimmicky production techniques than their peers. The production values are indeed very high, but they at no point detract from the song or draw the listener's attention away from the underlying melody of the song. This is indeed the greatest strength of "Problems," the fact that an immaculately written pop song can be produced in a fashion that is perfectly in keeping with the production values of the day.

Bob Lugowe

This is a very well-written, infectious pop song with a perfect description to match. It sounds like you guys have a unique story and could generate some real interest in this project. If you don't have a publicist already you should consider hiring someone who works in your genre for your next single or album release. Also consider working with a company or doing the legwork yourselves to connect with influencers on Instagram, Spotifiy, YouTube, etc. to work on playlisting and having people create content to your song. Your promo pics, logo and overall vibe look super pro but I would suggest not pushing your Reverb Nation link as that site can come off as a haven for more amateur artists. Also consider making a music video for this track or a future one. Best of luck!

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