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O.Z Bangaz

O.Z Bangaz

O.Z bangaz: Percussionist, Composer, Producer, Vocalist, Emcee, Songwriter, Actor, Playwright, Activist, Teacher
If  “O.Z Bangaz” (OH ZEE BANE-GUZ) loved food as much as he loved creating and performing, he’d no doubt be a first class chef creating rich, diverse, robust delicacies for the most sensitive of palettes. Conversely, this songwriter, composer, musician, and producer, creates dynamic dramatic depictions, colorful captivating compositions, honest lyrics, and catchy hooks that fuse trendy with tradition, authenticity with imagination, and commerce with craft.

O.Z Bangaz is also a veteran actor, playwright, director, and multimedia designer. His clientele includes the Chicago, Symphony Orchestra and the award winning Storycatchers Theatre to name a few. 3Arts.org has ranked O.Z Bangaz as one of the top 10 artist in Chicago for the last 5 years.

O.Z Bangaz loves creating and experiencing the arts. Shoot hm a line! He'd love to hear your passion, heart, and soul.
advertising, public speaking, photography, branding, graphic design, songwriting, photoshop, music production / mastering, music performance, music writing / blogging

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Arielle J.

Really great production here - this beat is really strong and super catchy! Your story is a compelling one and I appreciate that you provided the background of where this song is coming from - I wish you had actually written out all the lyrics instead of just a few bars. Lots of talent here!

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