Arman Asadsangabi

Arman Asadsangabi

Arman Asadsangabi

Formed in the summer of 2017, Oddnote was born in the heart of Nashville, TN. Frontman Arman Asadsangabi, who represents a passionate and spirited persona, sought to create a deep spiritual and meaningful experience for the listener. Calling upon his prior experience in the Nashville rock scene, Asadsangabi created Oddnote with the intentions of blending the sounds of the past and present. 

In October of 2017, Oddnote embarked on recording its first album at DogFox studio in Nashville. With a full album tracked out, Asadsangabi looked for others who shared his passion to join him on his journey. Asadsangabi quickly found the missing pieces to the puzzle with the additions of Joseph Downing, Rocko Beall, Nick Huff, and Matthew Millstein. Although a newly formed band, Oddnote is proving it's well beyond its age.
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Why by Oddnote

SD Hox

This one starts off with a Southern Rock feel in the spirit of Molly Hatchet or The Outlaws and then shifts to an almost Guns N' Roses like crescendo. I love the vocals and guitar work. I think this band really stands apart from the typical debut submissions that I get on fluence. I can envision really big things for them in the future. Great, great stuff!

Andrea Young

Another amazing rocking track!   I love what you all are doing, this track is expertly crafted and again has a Led Zeppelin-like tone and feel to it, I haven't heard anything this close to their sound since, well, their releases all those years ago.  You all have the potential to really hit it in the rock world, but again, I think it will have to come from fans at performances, and some work connecting with playlisters and curators on the streaming services., and further refining and finetuning your craft.   Hope that's helpful, thanks for your submission, good luck with your music.  

Arman Asadsangabi submitted media.

Alan Cross

What's with Nashville these days? There's some damn fine rock music coming out of the city. (Note: I'll be there Feb 5-8 for some radio conference thing. Anywhere I can go to get away from Broadway? Just askin'.)

This is very much in line with a growing trend towards big, bluesy guitar rock with alt-rock radio. It's still early days, but the more we hear from bands like you and, say, Greta Van Fleet, the better.

I have nothing to offer in terms of advice for arrangement, production or performance. I can offer the following, though.

You need something on YouTube, even if it's just a static shot or a lyric video. That's still a major source of music discovery for millions of people. 

 you haven't got one already, look at hiring a radio plugger/publicist. They can help you attract the attention of music directors and program directors. Don't neglect public radio or campus stations, either.   These people can also help you get placement on new release playlists on streaming services, which is increasingly important. I can see this working really, really well on certain new discovery playlists on Spotify.

Formulate a social media strategy. Answer EVERY post and reply ASAP. That's a very quick way to turn early fans into evangelists. 

Make friends with music bloggers. Even the smallest one wants to be able to say they discovered The Next Big Thing. Get as many of them on your side as much as possible.

This falls within the radio realm of Active Rock, a format that's become a bit niche-y in recent years, but given the current attitude in the world, it's making something of a comeback. There are at least five new alt-rock stations in major markets across the US, too. That's encouraging.

I'll give this some love through my social media networks. That'll be good for about 100,000 people.

Mee 丰

Great riff, committed vocals, fine drumming... all is good, just not for me. Go find your people - starting with TV, ad and film placements. This one is made for a commercial, no doubt you should be reaching out to a licensing agent. Good luck!

Raziq Rauf

This is a very decent and polished rock n roll song. It's gnarly and talks about money and the occasional lack of it. That is real life. It sounds like a song by a band that is good.

SD Hox

This is a hard rockin' track with a fantastic guitar intro and some serious licks throughout. Reminds me a bit of The Black Crowes in their heyday. Solid vocals and an anthem-like chorus round out the package. Great stuff and thanks for sharing! I'll spread the word.

Andrea Young

Love the Led Zeppelin influences here from the opening note, on this track and also other tracks from the album (got on Spotify to listen to more).  This kind of hard rocking is due for a renaissance.  Hopefully you are playing out anywhere and everywhere because the airwaves won't support this style or sound for the most part.  You'll have to continue to connect with the rock community on Spotify and other streaming sites, congrats on what you've done so far in that regard, and I'd encourage reaching out to playlisters and fans on those platforms to help build your fanbase.  I run a marketing company that provides playlisting services to musicians to help them get their music heard on the streaming sites, if you want more info on that let me know.  This is not my personal style or taste, and it has a few imperfections I can hear in the recordings, but it is right on and I love what you all are doing, rock on!  Hope that's helpful, thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!

Hugh McIntyre

Definitely a seriously solid rock track, through and through. I can imagine this would do really well with more old-school rock fans. Good job!

Bob Lugowe

Really solid, hard rock song with good vocals and an infectious chorus. For starters, I would suggest including links to hear more of your music, your socials and a short bio plus description of the song along with your Fluence description. You should make sure your music is available on Bandcamp too as that's a great platform for independent music. Make sure you're playing out live as much as possible as this music is meant to be heard loud and in person. Also, I think music like this should have a much more captivating album cover. The cover is unique but it doesn't grab your attention and make you want to listen to it. Regardless, you guys are off to a good start. 

Arielle J.

Really enjoyed this! It has a really classic sound but there's something fresh about it, too. I wish you had provided some context because I would have liked to learn more about you as an artist and where the track is coming from. I can see people listening to this at home or in a live setting and having it be really fun either way. Great job!

Larry Lootsteen

Love the guitar opening.  Never enough of those!  Both a very retro and very forward sound, a la Jack White.  The vocals are strong and are clear over the music which is a common complaint I have with bands that play over the singer.  The musical pause with the "Money comes, money goes" lyric is very effective.  Maybe add one more?  The noise overflow towards the end is awesome as well!  Great stuff and the right length not to get boring and repetitive with the sound.  Well done!

Charlie Ashcroft

A heavy, soulful beast of a song, which doesn’t overstay its welcome and yet still manages to make a strong impression. Great voice from a singer whose delivery could belong to any era, be it 70s glam, 90s grunge or contemporary stadium rock. As for where the track could go, UK-wise it’d be a comfortable fit on Planet Rock or Kerrang, or possibly the more specialist shows on Radio X and Absolute. You should upload it to for airplay on Amazing Radio too! I’d also recommend hooking up with a TV plugger to unlock some sync opportunities, as the song sounds like it could soundtrack anything from a high-octane sports montage to the intro to a TV series.

Bree Noble

Man this is a killer track. Love it! I can see this being licensed for film or TV for sure.
Very well produced and the bluesy guitars are just stellar along with the head-turning vocals.
I wish I could play this on our podcast but we only play music by female artists.
Huge kudos for the track and good luck getting it placed!

Kami Knake

Solid production and vocals. Reminds me of Queens of the Stone Age. I like but don't love.

Leks Maltby

On Oddnote's "Money Comes, Money Goes," the rockers lay down two-and-a-half minutes of Southern Rock in the spirit of many great rcokers who have come before them. The power-chord heavy track chugs along with brutal precision, quickly locking into an unrelenting groove that carries the listener to the song's conclusion. This song is as streamlined as it possibly could be, without an ounce of fat or a wasted note to be found anywhere. The song's only shortcoming is that the guitar solo at the song's conclusion is more of a tease than anything, being cut mercifully short as the song ends.

D Grant Smith

Enjoyable throwback track to the sound of 2000s alt-rock. Loved the guitar riff at the end. Short, sweet, and to the point cool. Nice work!

What does the rest of the album or EP this track is featured on sound like? You have my curiosity now. Shoot me an email to and let's talk. Be sure to reference this Fluence review so I don't mistake it. Cheers!

Indie Band Guru

Loving the energy explosions in the track while keeping that Blues vibe going. Quality lyrics too. Will share.

Brian Zisook

Hey Oddnote, thank you for sharing "Money Comes, Money Goes" with me. To start, it's important to note that rock music is not my forte. That said, I love the lead singer's voice. Emotion, energy, passion, charisma, depth -- it's all there. This one didn't overstay it's welcome, the runtime was perfect. There's not much I can do for you promotion or exposure, but you certainly picked up a new fan. 

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