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Indie Band Guru

Nice unique sound for the summer. Loving the blend of genres. Will share on Twitter.

Raymond Flotat

Thanks so much for your submission! Fun song! So I'd say this one takes me way back and reminds me of the Atom & His Package artist. The good here is I like the chorus on this song a lot. Where I think there could be some work might be trying some different attempts at the vocal production and intonation on the verses. Nothing about it as it stands sounds bad, but it doesn't jump off the page the way the chorus does. It almost feels like it just needs a slightly different spin (perhaps vocal characterization) than what is there right now. Also, it feels like that verse rapping has some kind of a gate/reverb effect on it? Might be good to try different approaches there perhaps removing that effect to hear how it sounds without it. All in all though, a fun song! Thanks again for the submission.

Robal Johnson

I liked this and I hear a lot of potential. I am very impressed with your song structure here. The lyrics are interesting, the hook is strong, and the music is catchy. I would recommend working with a vocal coach to improve breathing, which may help your flow. I hear the Blink 192 vocal style, which I appreciate, but it sounds a bit forced at times. Make sure that your sound is 100% yours, as people gravitate to “new” more than “nostalgia.” Please do not take that as a shot, just advice. As I said, I impressed. This a solid pop/punk/rap tune. Keep at it and build a following organically. These days it is harder and harder to be heard because there is so much noise. Be original, be fun, be yourself, and hopefully your art will resonate. Good luck. 

Chris Heintz

Thanks for reaching out and submitting. Starting out the mix on the record sounds really solid. All of the elements of the track are sitting in their own space, sound clear and crisp and fill out the mix nicely. The musicianship was solid and I liked the track overall. I really liked the energy on the chorus and how big it sounded but the verses to me fell a bit flat. The second verse was definitely stronger than the first. I like the delivery and cadence on the second verse much more than the first. The bridge was just OK to me it felt too empty lyrically/vocally but I did like the key change on the outro chorus. With how strong the chorus is on this record I almost recommend that you start with that after maybe a shorter first verse let’s say four bars. I definitely think you have a synch record here as far as I’m concerned. I hope my feedback helps. Re-work the arrangement a bit and get this to some music supervisors. Thanks again for reaching out and submitting.

Hugh McIntyre

Wow, I love this so much. Everything about this struck the right chords with me. It's very well written, you all clearly know your stuff when it comes to this genre. The key change at the end was incredible. Well done! Can't wait to hear more!

Alan Cross

I like! Send me a three-line bio and a high-quality MP3 and I'll give this a spin on 102.1 the Edge. Use for fast service.

Mark MacDonald submitted media.

Alan Cross

I like it! Nice pop-punk with a distinctive vocal delivery.

Tell you what: If you send me a high-quality MP3, I might be able to use it for a radio feature here in Toronto. I'll need a three-line bio, too. 

Send it to 

Mark MacDonald submitted media.

Known To Lie (Lyric Video) by Hollow River

Alan Cross

Good idea to come home. It's far less weird here.

I like it.  It reminds me of alt-rock from the late 90s.  Good video, too. Since we've already done this once before, I won't rehash everything again. Here are some comments. I like the vibe.

Do you have a clean edit of the audio? If so, send me a high quality MP3 and I'll see if I can get this a play on the Edge.  Send it to 

Mark MacDonald submitted media.

Andrea Young

I am reading in your description that you are planning to attend Berklee, that's awesome, the artists I've worked with who have attended Berklee have gotten so much out of it. and come out of it so much more accomplished and sophisticated in their style, whatever it may be.  We like the video alot, very authentic and creative.  But this isn't our style or taste, and the vocals sound like they are almost put on top of the arrangement instead of being a part of it.  The vocals have an unique timbre that is very backcountry/folk, and I'm not sure the arrangement really supports them or showcases them well.  Would like to see the lyrics, especially since you are singer-songwriter.  Hope that is helpful feedback!  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music.

Alan Cross

The song as a whole is good--writing, arrangement, production, that sort of thing--and it's great that you have a video for the song. My only quibble is that the song just sort of...ends. There's a buildup of tension and emotion--and then it just stops in an unsatisfying sort of way. I'd revisit the climax and denouement of the song.

Also, the vocals need work. Your natural singing voice is a bit thin with a limited range, so it needs to be thickened and enhanced, perhaps by double-tracking or with background vocals. 

The good news is that you'll soon be surrounded by some very smart people at Berklee, people with home you can collaborate and learn from.  Keep me posted on that part of the adventure, okay?

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