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Goodbye normal. Hello taboo.
Bilda Boy is one of the hot new rising stars from the west coast. Hailing from Los Angeles, California and representing South Central, Bilda Boy comes from a single parent home being raised by his father and had much influence from his older brother and many uncles. While he's an aspiring artist, Bilda Boy started off as a producer first. He explains "My brother put me on Fruity Loops when I was 10 years old and I've been a producer ever since." Having a background as he attended Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, as a rising artist and producer he has improved his sound. At the end of the day the main reason he takes music so serious is for the fact that he can deliver quality music that brings people from all cultures together.

While Los Angeles has a strong hip-hop scene and something that been known since the late 80's with N.W.A, Bilda Boy sites many of the artist has pioneers to make a lane for him. The one thing that makes him stand out is his ability to not just be a rapper but an actual artist. He describes himself as an artist but even better an an musician. Including more influences he names KRS ONE, Redman and Method Man, LL Cool J and more. Having so much respect for these legends he says "I will never be able to get over the impact these guys had on the music industry and hip-hop. LL Cool J made it okay to rap soft, and to the women".
Music changes with each era and generation and its simplicity in being understood by young listeners explains why it so successful. Bilda Boy's goal as he says is to take that "Simplicity and encourage complexity" and artist should just be artist. Stay true to yourself as you don't want to lose your vision and handing it over to someone who has something else in mind. Every artist individual goals as the business can be competitive at times, Bilda is letting it be known that he wants the right situation and is very big on maintaining his publishing as that is long term money.

Right now he has built a cult following with his hit record "Part Stoner" produced by CXDY which is now available on all digital outlets. The record is a single from his up and coming EP titled "Who I Am". The record will be released under his own label The Danger Zone Records. When it comes to stage performance Bilda Boy is a beast and the crowd goes crazy. He goes on to tell "Bilda Boy is ALL about getting hype. Bring the crowd together to jump, bounce, move and slam all over wherever they need. They wont be able to not move, even if they don’t know the words.  I’ll make them listen." The record itself highlights the pleasure of cannabis and how it gives you the ability to open your mind, aside from the negative connotations it has associated with it. 

Bilda is adlib spelled backwards and this origin of his name is something that happened randomly. While Bilda sounds similar to builder he gave reference that he likes to build things and that indeed ties into his music as well. Combined with strong attributes such as writing, producing and engineering goes to show that Bilda Boy is a star in the making as he is very self sufficient.
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Leks Maltby

On "Part Stoner" produced by CXDY, fans are treated to two-and-a-half minutes of low-key hip-hop influenced soulful pop music that is indeed as much of a stoner experience as the title suggests. The song is equal parts swagger and contemplation, the kind of next-level thought process that only occurs when one gets high. Thematically the song relies heavily on the "part stoner" theme established in the song's title, there are nonetheless hints of deeper themes residing just below the song's hazy surface. Overall more of an "experience" song rather than a straightforward narrative, "Part Stoner" is just trippy enough to warrant repeated listens.

Andrea Young

Well done! We don't feature much hip hop/rap but we appreciate the composition, production, arrangement and performance on this.  This can compete on any hip hop playlist, its very well produced.  Hope you are reaching out to playlisters for inclusion!  The lyrics may limit its broad appeal, but it really shines otherwise.  Hope that's helpful, thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!  

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