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Ray Ricky Rivera

Don Dawil, thank you for submitting your song. I'll start by saying I think it's great that you write, produce and arrange your own stuff. That's impressive. 

I felt like the song could benefit from a couple things... One, the intro feels longer than it really is and I wanted to hear the chorus come in sooner. With that said, the chorus comes in just right before the 1 minute mark and when it hits, it feels really good. I think the chorus is the strongest part of your song. At times there's a lot going on in your verses, as far as phrasing goes. I think the parts where you're fitting in a lot of syllables makes it sound rushed. 

As for the overall sound of your production, I think it fits in with the "Latin/urban-pop" genre you're aiming for. But I do think you could beef up the track some more. At first I wasn't hearing the "pop merengue" in the mix. I think it would help if the congas were a little more up front in your mix. Maybe add a little more percussion to pad the overall sound of the track. A bongo or a guira would sound nice too, blended with the conga pattern. 
To be honest, I wasn't really feeling the horn sounds. They sound thin and a little cheesy for my liking. Would sound better if you overdubbed some live horns to give your track a little more life. 

Your song is almost there, in my honest opinion. Just a few tweaks to the production and you'll have a solid track. It might be good to get another pair of ears to listen to what you're doing. It helps to have another perspective in the studio. 

I hope this feedback helps! 

Thank you, 
Ray Ricky Rivera 

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