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Andrea Young

Clear powerful visuals right from the start that go along with the track (not always the case).  I don't feature hard/heavy rock/metal much in my playlists and shows, so this is not our style or taste, and, I'm not fond of the negative tone/message (although yes, he does wake up the world!\ but then he becomes the enemy!).  But still, that doesn't take away from how very well done and engaging this is.  A few suggestions - add Spotify and other social links besides Fb to the youtube video description. Couldn't find you on Spotify, hope you are planning release shortly, highly recommend commercial release of the audio of this (I'd think that is already planned?)  You've got a healthy number of followers on Fb and some great reviews from bloggers in the metal community on this already!  So the point is to make it available everywhere you can so that new fans can find it easily, no matter how they listen.  The hard rock/metal community is very specific, and it looks like you are already approaching, that is great, and great job!!

Raymond Flotat

Great song! It's rare that I don't have some form of feedback to offer, but this is one of those rare instances. Generally just like this song. Nothing I would really suggest changing. Seems like a fun throwback to the vintage early '90s industrial sound. Thanks for the submission!

Raziq Rauf

This is soooooo 90s / early 200s. It was a very nostalgic listen for me. Good luck with the release!

Bob Lugowe

Very well done music video that harkens back to the big productions of the 90s and an enjoyable song as well. If you haven't hired a publicist already, that's what you should be doing to get the word out on your new album and music video. The time before the official release is the most crucial and they will help get the attention of the media for your work. Cleary there is a lot of effort behind this project so you should ensure that you're getting as much visibility as possible. Goth / industrial music is having a huge comeback right now so the timing on this is perfect, you just need to make sure to capitalize on that. Be sure to play live too and open for any relevant bands coming to town. Best of luck. 

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