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Doesn't understand the fundamental nature of existence & neither do you● Likes sloths, dislikes not liking sloths● Sweater of small stuff●

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Ruby by Lee Ettrick

lee ettrick submitted media.

Inception of Hope by Lee Ettrick

Nate Maingard

Hi there, thanks for sharing this with me

I'm not sure I'm the best person to ask about this, as I'm primarily an acoustic singer-songwriter, and ambient music isn't something I have much experience in.

Overall the track sounds dreamy, and is an enjoyable listen, though it hasn't really grabbed me in any lasting way. This is, of course, my personal experience, not a reflection of the quality of the song.

The beat, when it comes in, is very lovely, and takes the track to a new place for me. I'll happily share this song, as a smooth and enjoyable background track to the movie that is called 'life'.

Thanks for sharing and well done on creating this all on one sequencer, it's quite an achievement!


Brian Hazard

Aw man, I feel terrible for that little girl losing her balloon... 😭

This feels warmer and higher fidelity than the other track, not to say it's pristine, but other than the hats, it's pretty clean. Maybe a little in the snare.

The bass could come down a couple dB at least. It really sits in front of the mix. Guess that's the LSD talking 😜

Obviously pro mastering would help glue everything together, but overall it works for me. I really love the percussive bedrock of the piece, like a cheap vibraphone sample. Or an even cheaper marimba sample!

Sad to say, many people make music on a lower budget these days. Besides those who steal software, you can put together a decent mix on your phone! Granted, a good phone costs more than an old hardware sequencer, but still...

I'm happy to share this with my followers on Twitter! Thanks for sharing it with me. I look forward to hearing what's next!

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