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John Legato

John Legato

I'm self-produced and not very experienced so I wonder if these tracks could work as they are for initial web distribution and promotion or I seriously need to spend money in professional recording and production
Heirs Of Fire is an alt-metal band project started in 2017 by the italian artist John Legato. His music can be described as a metal of catchy, rocky, energetic guitar riffs switching to distorted or oniric arpeggios, engaging drums, unexpected time changes, clean and emotive vocals at times degenerating in dirty growls and screams, easy yet meaningful lyrics, all surronded by obscure, dramatic or exotic elements and atmospheres.

John’s absolute priciple is to loyally translate his soul motions into music, without losing their pureness and straightforwardness because of mainstream genre conformations. Staying true to the everchanging nature of his soul means venturing in creating something always new, reshaping the borders of the sound, daring with bravery.

The band name refers to "humanity" saw from the perspective of Prometheus' myth, but it's also linked to the Dark Souls game serie. 

John writes the lyrics and produces all the music for his songs by his own since 2016. His major themes and source of inspiration are part autobiographical and part taking cue from human condition, rotten society and stories taken from animes and videogames such as Dark Souls and Fallout. 

Been in the shadows for very long, he's now rising from the ruins of his past band experiences giving himself to the music business machine in an attempt to bring his music to the ears of the world.
John has just finished the production of his first EP "Pain&Victory" and is about to complete the second one.
metal, rock, singer/songwriter, video games, acoustic, chillout, chillstep, soundtracks, movies
Avellino, Italy

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Pain&Victory by Heirs Of Fire

Raziq Rauf

This is pretty cool chuggy alt-rock with a metallic edge. Sounds like a band that could open for Stone Temple Pilots or Avenged Sevenfold or someone like that on a regional tour. The guitars are good but I'd like the vocals to be a bit higher in the mix and a bit better in general, but this is an ok effort.

Bob Lugowe

This isn't usually my style but it's very well done for what you're trying to accomplish. The instrumentation was on point,  the vocals were infectious and the songwriting solid. I really liked the great instrumental breakdown around the 1:40 mark and the guitar leads throughout. I feel this is something that could reach a wider audience if you continue to hone your craft. I do think that people would be more prone to checking this out if it was a band name instead of a solo artist. The same goes for your website which makes you look like an acoustic singer/songwriter and not an alt-metal / rock powerhouse. Keep up the good work though, you're off to a great start and best of luck. 

Andrea Young

This is a solid alt-metal sound, well arranged. We would like to hear the vocals a bit more up front and center on the production of it, otherwise well-produced.  The track rambles a bit melody and theme-wise for us, we'd like a more cohesive structure.  We'd suggest finding ways to reach the alt-metal niche fans to familiarize them with your music, through touring, playlisters and social media.  Alt-metal isn't our style or taste, but we appreciate a well done track and a talented artist when we hear it.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!

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