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The Fifth Dimension by CENTRIC

Huia Hamon

I really appreciate the amount of wok that has gone into the track!  I know how much it takes to create s song and I can hear that Centris has worked on all the layers and composition of it track. It has the feeling of some REM, with some german prog rock cross which is really interesting, almost bordering on industrial in some places. The song and the feel suit the lyrics too, being gritty and political and the song carries the same textures. Thank you for sharing!

Promotion wise, I would model your blog interest and markets on artists who are in the prog rock electro syndicate, as I think this would suit a live arena :)

Liane Chan

This song sort of reminds me of M83's Saturdays = Youth, particularly when the girl starts talking. I think it has a very cinematic quality and definitely reminded me of 80's movies with the old synth sounds. It didn't sound entirely rooted in the past either, and I liked the instrumentation and overall sound of this track a lot. 

Nate Maingard

I enjoyed the build up in the beginning, and the stereo pan effect on the instruments.

Nice melodies, and an enjoyable flowing feel throughout.

Somehow the main vocal didn't feel completely comfortable in the mix to me, though I'm not sure what I would change. 

It's not a genre I'm familiar with, but overall enjoyed the sound, feel and message of the song. 

Nicely done, I'm happy to give this a share on twitter :)
Wishing you all the best

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