Chelsea Paolini
Chelsea Paolini, the lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter of Portsmouth, New Hampshire riff-rock trio People Skills, retains her signature sound with her solo acoustic act, maintaining the high energy of her original tunes. With the use of a loop pedal, she can record chords and segments live on stage and solo over them for a funky feel to give a more upbeat performance than the traditional singer-songwriter. In addition to her acoustic adaptations of the songs she writes for People Skills, she plays brand new originals, including songs off her new solo album "One More Before The Therapy Kicks In". Her style blends rock, funk, blues, psychedelic, jam, pop, and the melodic riff-rock style of People Skills.

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I'll Have Money Someday by Chelsea Paolini

Nate Maingard

Love this tune! 

Very cool melody, rhythm, instrumentation and production! Love the distinct vocals, lovely unique sound.

There is a feeling of space for more instrumentation to thicken up the sound, though that's just a personal desire :).

Don't really have critical feedback, it's a rad tune :)

Happy to share it out into the world, thanks for sharing with me.

Indie Band Guru

The vocals are good. The guitars get a little repetitive. This could become a really catchy song with some added instrumentation or good production. It is solid for an acoustic solo performance but I feel you could take this further. 

Andrea Young

Very catchy original tune, very unusual vocals and style.  I'd like to give it a try on playlists and shows, send a high quality mp3 to andrea@aspenbeat.com with 'Fluence Request - Artist Name - Track Title' in the subject line.   Appreciate the electric guitar riffs, altho sparse! -- the production could use a bit more of that just to be more consistent in our op, they don't even come in until you're 2:10 into the track....
Please include the lyrics and links to your socials when you email.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!

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