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The Maze by Ascidzz

Robal Johnson

I'm diggin this track. The beats are chill, but the vox are aggressive. It's a cool combination. I could definitely hear this on some college radio shows and that could lead to some good touring opportunities. The first thing I would do is put together an EPK electronic press kit and compile a list of email addresses for college stations. Don't send CDs or any other physical material because it usually ends up in the garbage. And don't send music files as attachments, always use links like the SoundClound you posted here. Nobody likes their work emails clogged up with huge music files. I will pass this along to my urban a&r friends and fam and will holler if I hear any interest. Definitely feel free to post more tunes and I am happy to give some constructive criticism before you blast anything out. And I'm always down to offer advice when applicable. Best of luck and keep sending music. Cheers. 

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